Welcome to Bookishly Romantic

This blog is for all of those book lovers out there who don’t have anyone to talk books with. You can talk to me about your books! This site will be a great place to find your next great read and I love being able to interact with people who like the same books or similar ones and the authors that wrote them.

Honestly,  some posts may be a bit fan girly but I will try my hardest to tell you like it is. At least how I see the novel. Not everyone will agree with my views on the novels and that’s alright. I’m just glad you gave the post a shot!

Here I will post about romance novels and non-romances, as well as, cover reveals, promotions, and my book decor Etsy shop! I’m an all book format lover so I’ll have audiobook reviews on top of everything else.

I also take requests for reviews so contact me if you think your novel is something I would enjoy.

Keep on reading!