Eversong by Donna Grant

Originally Published: November 20, 2017

I know you all have been seeing the cover reveal posts that I did for Everwylde, well this book is the first one in the series and it is much better than I anticipated. Donna Grant does historical romances really well and I had forgotten how well, I think, until I picked up this book.

I read the prequel novella, Kindred, what seems like forever ago and if you haven’t read it don’t stress. Though it explains who the characters are it is not necessary to understand the story. Donna does a great job at keeping this the true first book of the series so she explains the backgrounds of the protagonists and the plot in enough detail to keep you wondering what is coming next.

Leoma is a Hunter. More specifically she is a witch hunter. She isn’t looking for someone to spend her life with let alone teach about the magical world but that’s exactly what she gets when she meets Braith. He is a knight turned earl who gets one-upped by Leoma time and again.

The story is one of adventure and passion. The world isn’t always what it seems and sometimes when your eyes are opened they can never be shut again. If you are looking for a story with a strong female character set in the medieval times this is your book. Because not all women quiver in fear when things go bump in the night. Sometimes they bump back.

Happy Reading friends,


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