Moon Bound by Donna Grant

Originally Published: December 26, 2017

It’s finally out in the world! Moon Bound by Donna Grant is the final book in the LaRue and Chiasson series. What an ending! I am usually skeptical about final books in series because I 1) never want them to end and 2) think the story will suffer because the author is trying to tie up loose ends. Yes I didn’t want this one to end but the story didn’t suffer from being finished up.

In this story we FINALLY get to see Kane’s side of everything. It picks up two months after the epic battle in New Orleans for Riley’s life and Kane has taken up the hunt on his own. Little does he know that’s exactly what Delphine wants.

Elise is a veterinarian who knows how to take care of wolves. When she helps an injured one she is in for the shock of her life when he turns into a man. The woman with a horrendous past opens up to the shifter who only wants his family to be safe. Together they do the impossible.

This novel was much too short. But it was inline with the length of the other LaRue and Chiasson novels. I wanted it to continue for at least another hundred pages. I loved it that much. Now that this series is done will we see the LaRues and Chiassons again? Maybe in a reunion novel perhaps? We have so many weddings to witness!!

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