Miss Mechanic by Emma Hart

Originally Published: December 12, 2017

This is another stand alone novel by Emma Hart. I know. I know. I’ve only been reading her stand alone novels but she has so many and I just discovered her as an author so I’m working on it.

In this novel she tackles the gender stereotypes in certain industries again. This time she is writing about a female mechanic who is a third generation mechanic in her town. When Dex buys the family garage she needs a job and swallows her pride and goes to the garage she grew up in to get a job. Tempers clash and stereotypes are smashed in this romantic comedy.

I read this book in two days. I’m a slow reader so that this a lot. This book is hilarious. I don’t think I’ve laughed so much while reading until I discovered Emma Hart. My only problem with this book is small. Since the author is from Wales (I believe) there are several phrases that are clearly British English. Since I know them I realized them for what they are but some may not. So just keep that in mind when reading. Overall the sarcasm and sass in this book are spot on and will have you laughing throughout the book.

Have fun,


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