My Brother’s Five Friends by B.B. Hamel

Originally Published: December 2, 2017

So I got this book through Kindle Unlimited and like the rest of the books I have been getting through KU it has extra stories in it. So lets start with the first story which is the title of the book.

In My Brother’s Five Friends Emma finds herself evicted from her apartment for the summer and her very rich older brother has her move in with him. Little does she know that she is going to be there at the same time as her brother’s 5 best friends. Tensions are high in a house with five hot men and one girl. Especially when the older brother lays down the “hands off rule”. Do they follow that rule? Well, where would be the fun in that? In this reverse harem novel you get the HEA that you want but it is better written than some I’ve read recently. I like my books to be well written as well as having sexy scenes. Is that too much to ask? Well B.B. Hamel did it. This is the first book I’ve read by her and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

In the second novella Prince Player: A Royal Romance, Bryce is just a regular American college student. She goes home over the summer for some time off and ends up getting an all expense paid vacation to Starkland by the reigning king who is affectionately named Trip. Bryce does not get along with King Trip but she cannot fight her attraction to him. The plot thickens in this novella when she finds out she was brought there to marry the king and produce an heir. Did I mention there is a civil war going on? Or that Trip was never supposed to be king? This novella is well written and kept me gripped until the very end.

And finally in Step Bride: A Stepbrother Romance, Natalie is a hard working college student with a less than ideal mother. She decides to go to Vegas before she is stuck in the same house her mother is in for the next 3 months. While in Vegas, she marries a complete stranger. Who does that? Anyway, little does she know that her mother has married someone of her own, Natalie’s new husband’s father. Lucas has no idea that he has married his stepsister. He only wants a quick marriage so that he can move up in his mob family and throw it in his father’s face.  But when he comes face to face with Natalie in their home he does not realize how much his live is going to change. If you’re looking for a short, hot-as-hell, mob novella this is it!

All three of these novellas were well written and super sexy. I’m still exploring the more smutty side of romance novels (not that the ones I read don’t have their fair share of smut) and like all books some are well written and some not so much so. I am glad to report that this is one of the well written ones.

Happy trails readers,


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