The Darkest Secret by Gena Showalter

Originally Published: March 29, 2011

I am slowly making my way through this series. I am obviously a bit behind on it considering there are a lot more books out there than I have read. But I am honestly loving this series. I love all mythology and the fact that it not only has the Greek gods and goddesses but the Titans and other mythological creatures.

This book deals with Amun the keeper of the demon of Secrets. After a little jaunt into hell, Amun had absorbed demons that he fought and he was slowly going insane from the amount of evil he had in him.

Haidee is a hunter and proud to be one. She has lived for thousands of years being born and reborn again and again. She was the reason that the Lords’ friend, Baden, was beheaded in ancient Greece. When Striker finds and captures her all he can see is that she is the enemy. When Haidee encounters Amun she knows that they have a connection. Through that connection the two of them go to hell to get rid of Amun’s demon problem and in that journey they learn more about each other than they ever wanted to know.

I read this book and listened to the audiobook. I honestly love Max Bellmore and think that he does all of these characters justice. If he did all of Gena Showalter’s books I would be in heaven but alas he only does the Lords of the Underworld series. Whether you decide to read or listen to this book or do both which I’m fond of doing. You need it in your life. I wouldn’t start with this one because it is a series but if you do you’ll know that you need to go back and read the rest.

It’s gonna be good kids,


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