Blood Fury by J.R. Ward

Originally Published: January 9, 2018

Blood Fury is the next installment in the Black Dagger Brotherhood Legacy series. This series is the “spin-off” of the Black Dagger Brotherhood (BDB) series. I use spin-off loosely because it ties in very well with the main BDB series. What I love about the Legacy books is that there are always two stories. One about the BDB trainees and the next about the characters in the BDB series proper. This one is no different. In this novel we take a look at Peyton and Novo’s relationship as well as Saxton and Ruhn’s.

Peyton is the typical pretty-rich boy. He spends his daddy’s money and doesn’t give a shit about anything. That all changes when he joins the Brotherhood’s training program. Even through everything that the training has put him through, he believes that he is still in love with his long time friend and fellow trainee, Paradise. Who, might I add, is mated to a male all her own. It is through this unwitting love that Peyton nearly gets another trainee killed. And in so doing realizes the true object of his affections.

Novo has had her heart shattered and doesn’t want to let anyone close to her ever again. So she keeps up the tough girl act and never lets any of the males in the program think she can’t handle herself. That is until she is critically wounded in the field by Peyton’s mistake. Through lots of fighting, sarcasm, and little heart-to-heart her and Peyton finally begin to see eye-to-eye. But is it too good to last?

Saxton has had his heart ripped out by the male he loves and has been harboring that love longer than he should have. As the solicitor (lawyer) to the king of the race he can’t very well leave Caldwell even though he sees his former lover and his happy family all the time. When he is asked to look into a property dispute by said former lover he cannot refuse. But the king will not let him go alone. Enter Ruhn.

Ruhn is an illiterate, civilian in the vampire race and has been a fish-out-of-water ever since he moved to Caldwell from South Carolina to be closer to his niece. He has noticed and interacted with the stylish solicitor several time and he does everything in his power to make the male notice him less. But when he finds himself attracted to the male he doesn’t know what to do for fear of being rejected by the object of is attraction and society as a whole.

Obviously this book has happily-ever-afters all over the place but knowing that should not stop you from reading it!! It is gripping from the beginning to end, like a freaking roller coaster! I’m always happy to see that J.R. Ward does not shy away from having homosexual relationships in her books and Saxton really needed his HEA after Blay got his. I’m just saying. This is a must read before you read the next BDB book The Thief in April.

Have fun!


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