Hard to Serve by Laura Kaye

Originally Published: June 22, 2016

I’m finally done with the Blasphemy series. Well, until On His Knees comes out in February. All of the books in this series are fairly short and sweet and can be read as a stand-alone. Since the official #1 book is free on Amazon (yep free) and the second book was too at that time I kinda did things backwards. This is the first book in the series. The # 0.5 book in the series I guess. But it is just as good. And even though I’ve finished all the other books that knowledge didn’t take anything away from this one.

Mia Breslin is an art director for a gallery in Baltimore. She has been searching for a club like Blasphemy for awhile and when she gets a coveted invite and a two-week discounted membership she jumps at the chance.

Kyler Vance is a detective for the Baltimore police department and one of the 12 masters of Blasphemy. He doesn’t do relationships. But when he sees Mia he goes after her. Again and again.

This book has all of the emotions in it. You want them to be together but then something happens. My gut tightened every time Kyler pushed Mia away and when it looked like they were doomed it was hard to continue. But along with this emotions there was the breathless need to continue reading which is the sign of a fantastically written book.

This is only the second BDSM series I have ever read (and no 50 shades wasn’t the other one) and I find that I thoroughly enjoy these books. The well written ones are more than just about the lifestyle and that type of sex. This series has gripping stories intermixed with something that most of us will never get to try. They’re hot, sexy, and well written. Who could ask for more in a book?

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