Judgement Road by Christine Feehan

Originally Published: January 23, 2018

This is the first official book in Christine Feehan’s new series, Torpedo Ink. We first meet the members of the biker gang Torpedo Ink in the last novel in the Sea Haven series. This book ties in the Sea Haven novels with characters like Blythe, Casimir, and Gavriil. As well as talking about the children that the sisters of the heart have adopted. I see a long series in Feehan fans’ futures. Which is wonderful because I want to see a book about each member!

Let me tell you that this book was an emotional rollercoaster. Like I had to go back and reread chapters because the feelings were so strong. That’s what makes a phenomenal writer. To grab your readers’ hearts and squeeze. Be fore warned this book does that.

We first meet Anya who is the bartender for the Torpedo Ink bar. She is getting paid under the table and is sleeping at the camping ground in her car. She also only has eyes for Reaper. She knows she’ll never fit into the biker world but she convinces herself that one night will be enough. That is if he even liked her.

Reaper is the top enforcer for the club. He does whatever is necessary to keep Czar safe. So when he asks Czar to fire the new bartender he expects it done. It isn’t done. He wants her and eventually he’ll have her. But can he save her from himself?

I really wanted to beat Reaper. Like seriously the guy can be an asshole but he was trying. There was just so much emotion on both sides in this book. I would really like to see the other women in the Sea Haven novels show up and help out especially since their men went through the same types of situations and two are members in the club.

But I do have to point out a big pet peeve in this novel. Anya never asks Reaper for his real name. Not once. She knows that Reaper is the name he goes by in the club but she never asks for his birth name. And he doesn’t offer it. Maybe it’s to symbolize that that person is dead but seriously any normal person would ask. Just sayin’.

If you’ve read anything else by Christine Feehan you know that each book has a different feel even if it’s part of a series. This one is dark, gritty, and emotionally charged. You don’t see sunshine very much in this book and I think think that will be a continuing theme. You need to give this one a chance. You won’t regret it.

And let me know who you think the next book will be about! My theories are Cat & Code or Alena & Pierce. I’d love to hear your theories!

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