The Darkest Seduction by Gena Showalter

Originally Published: February 28, 2012

I’m so close to finishing this series everyone! So close! But there is so much that I want to figure out. The one problem with starting a series when there are already 14 books released is that I look ahead. I want to know who each book is about so unfortunately the suspense of “is this person going to live” is taken away because they have a book in the series. That being said I still love reading each book and discovering what will happen to the couple.

In this one Paris is continuing his hunt for the soul of Sienna Blackstone who is also the keeper of the demon Wrath. Paris has kind of lost his way during this hunt. Gone is the charming, semi-carefree Lord but also the ambrosia drug addict has bitten the dust too. In his place is a much darker Paris who will do whatever and whoever he has to in order to reach his goal.

Sienna was brought back from the dead by Cronus and given the demon Wrath for reasons she doesn’t know. She is only a soul but because of Wrath she has many of the same needs a human has except if you can’t see her you can’t hear her or touch her either. Which makes getting back to Paris a bit difficult. That and the god king who has his own plans for you.

This book took a lot of turns and has an awesome battle scene. I’ve been waiting for one since I started the series and I’m glad we finally got one. However, I did get annoyed at Sienna. She was constantly thinking she deserved what she got, that Paris couldn’t love her, etc. It was kind of whiny and got a bit old. But Paris wasn’t much better with the love her/hate her mentality. They grew as characters though and that’s what I like seeing in well written books. If the characters don’t grow and learn then what’s the point?

I’m hoping to get to the next book, Kane’s book, soon but I’ve got a very large to read list that I’m working through. So keep tuned!!

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