Ride Hard by Laura Kaye

Published: April 26, 2016

I clearly need to pay more attention to reading order. I read the Blasphemy series first and now I’m on the Raven Riders series but I should have read the Hard Ink series before them all. Lucky for me though Laura Kaye is a fantastic author so I know enough about the Hard Ink series and its connection to the Raven Riders from the book that I don’t feel like I’m missing out. Too much at least. I definitely need to read it and I own all the books (thanks to wine and late night amazon shopping) but for now I’m working on the Raven Riders.

Haven has run away from her abusive father and ended up under the protection of the Raven Riders. She has always been shy and wary around men because that’s how she was able to protect herself. What she doesn’t know is that each member of the Raven Riders MC would never harm her and would rather die than hurt a woman

That includes the MC President, Dare. He takes one look at Haven and his world is turned upside down. He wants her like he’s never wanted anything but he knows her situation all to well. He decides to protect her and help her with her with the list she created for her new life. But is he strong enough to keep his heart uninvolved?

This read. Oh man. It was fun and tough at the same time. It also made me crave peanut butter cookies which is unfair because though I can make them I shouldn’t eat them all. This book stayed consistent throughout which is what I like. All of the characters stayed in order and the development of Haven was great. It showed how she came out of her shell and became a strong woman willing to fight for what she loved. I’m not going to lie by saying this book didn’t hit a lot of the feels. I was stressed out about what was going to happen next and then how things were going to end up between her and Dare. What a ride. I can’t believe there are only going to be 4 books in this series. There are so many that could happen.

Enjoy the ride!


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