Ride Wild by Laura Kaye

Published: October 31, 2017

I honestly couldn’t put this book down. If I hadn’t had to go to work I would have stayed up until the middle of the night reading it. As it was, I went to bed late and was impatient for work to be over so I could go home and finish this book. That’s how good it was! And I know, I’ve said that about all of the Raven Riders books but this one was hands down my favorite. I already want to read it again (and I just finished it!).

In this final full length novel of the series we get to see Cora Campbell and Sam “Slider” Evans interact and more. Cora has been babysitting Slider’s two boys for several month now. And through it all she is fighting an attraction to Slider that she thinks is only one-sided. How she will be surprised.

Slider has been walking through life half dead since his wife’s passing two years before. He only has enough energy to interact with his sons and occasionally with the babysitter. But when Cora becomes their full-time nanny, Slider mus confront the attraction he feels for her because he can no longer ignore his feelings.

This book. Oh, man this book. Ok, so first thing, in the book Cora says that Bunny’s husband is Bear when it has been Rodeo in the other two books. I did tweet at Laura Kaye and that is a misprint in the book. So if you’re like me and start yelling at the book or muttering about it when something like that is different from the other books it wasn’t intentional. Yelling and muttering at books, can you tell I have no one around to judge me when I read? 😀 Anyway, that aside we saw great character development and it tied in very nicely with the other two novels. Of course we saw Haven and Dare and got little snippets into their lives as well as the lives of Maverick and Alexa. Cora throughout the book wanted what was best for her friends no matter where that left her. The HEA did in fact come but not without ups and downs of its own. I think what I liked about this book the most was that the other two novels built up to it. So we didn’t spend half the book with Slider fighting his attraction to Cora because he had been doing it for months in the other books. That made the story line read quicker and allowed the readers to have a more in-depth knowledge of that relationship.

I’m going to miss the Raven Riders. We only have one book left in the series and it will be part of that 1001 Dark Nights books so it’s a novella. So I’m sure I’ll read that one just as fast though I wish there was a book about Jagger coming out. I think he deserves his happily ever after and inquiring minds want to know what happened to him in jail and how he is coping with it. Maybe we can convince Laura to gives us one more book. Thoughts?

Ride. Fight. Defend.


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