Wyatt’s Bounty by Kim Turner

Audiobook Published: January 5, 2018
Book Published: April 12, 2017

I read this book when it was published last April and loved it! I recently was given an audiobook copy of it by the author for an honest review and guess what? I still loved it. Even though I normally don’t read the Western genre and yes it is technically a romance novel but if you like westerns I think this is one to check out. You’ll get a few heated scenes but you’ll get a whole lot of the old west as well. And isn’t that what makes reading so much fun? These cross-genres are where it’s at.

In this novel Dr. Tess Sullivan finds herself hurting the only man she’s truly loved and in so doing, hurting herself. When Wyatt McCade leaves Cheyenne, Tess counts down the days until she sees him again but little does she know that when she does he’ll be fighting for his life and more than ready to fight for her love.

Wyatt has been in love with Tess since she came to Cheyenne. Which was a problem since she was married at the time. He waited for the right time to propose to her and when she turned him down he left the town he called home. After a reckless encounter in Denver he turns his sights back on Cheyenne and the lady doctor he thought had left his life forever.

If you were ever a fan of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman in your life this book is for you. I’m pretty sure it’s where Kim got her inspiration for Doc Tess because there are several similarities. I grew up watching that show and still watch it if I happen to catch reruns. I had thought about the similarities in the first book but they really come out in this second one. Which for me just justified reading it since I wouldn’t normally pick up a western romance.

Additionally, the narration was pretty good. Because it was the same narrator that did the first book I was used to him however it will take time to get used to the way the women sound. The narrator has a fantastic western voice which doesn’t translate to female voices the best at first listen. But give it a chance and it’ll grow on you. Overall, I love this series and am not so patiently waiting for Dawson’s book. Seriously. But it’s probably for the best since I have so much else to read.

Let me know if you check this out because you totally should!!

Always have fun.


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