Heat by Donna Grant

Published: January 31, 2018

Finally we have another Dragon King novel. I haven’t gotten the chance to review a Dragon King novel since I started this blog so you guys don’t know my absolute love for the dragon kings, their mates, and the war for their world. If you are new to the dark world this really isn’t the book to start with. The war is heating up and the kings are making allies and enemies left and right. This book took me for a whirl wind ride and I absolutely need more of the Dragon Kings. Like now!

Esther North is an MI5 agent who had her mind taken over by a Druid who is a mystery to the Dragon Kings. She is on a mission to find her missing memories and with that mission she recruits the help of the Dragon King, Nikolai. Esther wants to discover her missing memories but she learns so much more about herself.

Nikolai can’t stay away from the lost Esther. He has a connection with her on a whole other level than he has with most people. Nikolai’s power allows him to see anything and everything that is going on around him and then drawing it. But the connection with Esther allows him to see things with her that he cannot see with others. On top of that the war with the Dark Fae and Ulrik is taking a turn but is it a turn for the worst, the best, or a bit of both?

This book is a must read! I love everything about the Dark World that Donna Grant has created. This book is just the most recent one and the one that is showing us some of the secrets of this world. The series is coming to a climax and you can tell that with the direction that the books are taking. Each one is getting less about the romance and relationships (though this one brought a lot of that back) and more about the story line. Which is fantastic. The story is what has drawn me into this world and has kept me coming back for me. And I NEED Ulrik’s book and the fact that it is the next book makes me so very happy. I don’t want to spoil this book for anyone but it definitely is an essential book in the series if you want to continue reading this dark world.

Beware the Dark Fae.


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