On His Knees by Laura Kaye

Published: February 13, 2014

This is the second to last book in Laura Kaye’s amazing Blasphemy series. She has given me a whole new appreciation for BDSM romances and she never tackles the same section of BDSM twice. In this novel we are introduced to the sadomasochism that is an inherent part of the lifestyle even though it may be for more of the adventurous. This is also her first true male/male romance novel in the series. We did see a male/female/male romance earlier and it was done extremely well.

In this novel we meet Jamie who just doesn’t understand why none of his relationships work out. After yet another one fails he heads to his favorite tattoo shop, Hard Ink Tattoos, for an addition to his shoulder tattoo. It is there that Jeremy Rixey mentions that masochists are the greatest repeat customers. After that revelation, Jamie does his research and finds Blasphemy.

Alex is the resident sadist master at Blasphemy and he’s jaded as hell. Nothing is going right for him any more and even though he may look mean and scary on the outside he wants what some of the other masters have found. A committed relationship with someone who is just as turned on by his sexual deviance as he is. In walks the bright-eyed newbie Jamie.

The journey that these two make in such a short book is incredible. I never feel like the Blasphemy novels are rushed. They are always exactly how long they need to be though I honestly would like a longer novel. But who wouldn’t really. And this one hit on all the feelings. You have the lovely highs with them and the smoking hot SM scenes but the last chapter y’all, that last chapter plunged a fist into my chest and squeezed. It was all of the emotions and honestly when I was done reading this book all I wanted to do was read it again. That’s how much I loved it.

I had a hard time starting another book directly after because I was definitely still in the Blasphemy mindset. I can’t believe we only have one book left in this series. But in true Laura Kaye fashion she has set up wonderful interlocking series that could have the potential to continue on but she doesn’t. Though I want to see all 12 masters happy and in committed relationships, I’ll have to just settle with finally seeing Master Hale’s story

Give this one a try!


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