The Darkest Craving by Gena Showalter

Published: July 30, 2013

I will eventually finish this series and I’m closing in on the finish line so that I am ready for the new book in June. Generally with this series I have been listening to the audiobook and reading the novel but with this one I only listened to it which was a nice change. Max Bellmore is a fantastic narrator and he does this series so well. However, throughout the series the male voices do tend to blend together after a while so paying attention to who is talking is a must. He occasionally changes the voices of characters as well from one book the next which is a bit rough but most are consistent.

Josephina is a half-fae blood slave to the Fae king and princess. Every time her half-sister does something wrong and gets punished it is Josephina that bares the punishment for her. And her sister does things wrong ALL THE TIME. Josephina is so tired of living in her own personal hell that when she finds the Lord of the Underworld, Kane, in physical hell she sets him free with the caveat that he must kill her when he is strong enough to do it.

Kane has not only his demon, Disaster, to deal with but his own personal demons after his weeks in hell. So when the daring half-fae demands him to kill her he cannot do it. Instead he goes with her back to the fae court where he learns of her predicament and he pledges himself to marrying her bitch half-sister in order to keep Josephina safe. And did I mention that throughout all of this he is supposed to bring about the apocalypse and is desperately trying to prevent it.

This novel started really slow for me. Kane isn’t generally one of the characters that we’ve seen in larger roles throughout the series and that has created an ambivalent feeling towards him in me. Therefore his story started out as one that I just needed to get through in order to read the next books in the series. But I was pleasantly surprised by how the story developed. I was anxious for Kane and Josephina every time she was called on to be punished and when he just wanted to help her and make her life easier. Their journey was full of ups and downs and the ending was terribly shocking! Not to give anything away but the ending was definitely unexpected and makes me wonder what’s in store for the rest of the Lords. Next up is Torin’s story and I’m on the edge of my seat wondering how he will actually get an HEA.

Beware the Rainbow Rejects.


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