Elemental Claim by Miranda Grant

Published: December 21, 2017

This book took me by surprise. I was asked by the author on my Instagram if I would like a copy of the book to read in exchange for an honest review. I’m always up for getting free books especially if I only need to review them, so the answer was a hard “yes!” And though I like to be nice to author I want to give honest reviews to other romance lovers so in my honest opinion this book was a home run for a debut novel. I was a little wary about reading it because I tend to be a bit of a snob when it come to paranormal romance novels. My bread and butter are Christine Feehan, Sherrilyn Kenyon, and Karen Marie Moning. Though this novel is not up to those standards yet you can expect great things out of the world of Myth that Miranda Grant is creating.

This debut novel starts off with a bang when we meet Emma who is just trying to do as her sister asked and pick up a package at her house. Her sister also asked her to take an emergency flight to Manchester, England and because of that she lost her job and is generally just having a very shitty day. Little does she know that it’s about to get so much worse when she is running for her life from humans who want to kill all supernatural beings and supernatural beings who want her dead just because she was born. Not what the girl who was raised to keep her head down is equipped to deal with.

Rogan is a water elementalist who is sent to kidnap Emma so that she can stand trial for being a descendant of the gods. The last descendant almost wiped out two races of the myth and as one of those races was his own, he does not feel any pity for the girl whose world is falling apart around her. At least he doesn’t want to feel any pity. Rogan has the unexplainable urge to sooth Emma and make her world right which is something that he knows he cannot do as he all mission all the time.

Like I said at the beginning of this post this book took me by surprise. I generally don’t have high expectations for debut novelists because though I think everything should be awesome the first go around, I am just the reader and realize that it takes a lot of time, effort, and talent to write a novel. Miranda Grant killed it. She has created an engaging world that makes me want to delve into it more and just continue reading book after book. Not only is the world engaging she has created a plot that can continue throughout the books. The one goal is to stop Sebastian and Elizabeth (Emma’s twin sister) but there are other areas that can be explored as well. Her world has a very Kresley Cole feel to me and I absolutely love that. But more than that the direction she is taking is new and fresh. There is hope that Elizabeth maybe redeemed but there is also a war brewing that will keep the readers coming back for more. I think we can all expect great things out of Miranda.


“Lifemates don’t even have to like each other”



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