Constantine: A History. Part 2. By Donna Grant

Published: February 19, 2018

This is a very very very short novella that Donna has been putting out for her fans who want to see how the Reapers and the Dragon Kings actually interconnect. Since Con’s book is going to be the final book in this series I think giving us these snippets of his life is a fantastic idea. Since Con has been the only King to never take to his mountain and sleep his memories span for a millennia. He has had to stay awake to protect Dreagan from the humans and to protect the other Kings from being discovered in their true dragon forms. But more than that, every decade he goes and updates his Kings on the human world so that if they ever decide to wake up they have knowledge to function in the rapidly changing world that no longer believes in Dragons, the Fae, or magic.

This story gives us another interaction between Con and Erith (Death). Both are lonely and need someone to talk to but Erith is there to convince Con not to give up hope. She can see that he is tired and hope has left him long ago. As seems to be the fashion of Death she leaves Con with a gift that will spur him into action and shape the dragon kings. In this story we not only learn more about Con and Erith we discover why they started making whiskey and we even meet more dragon kings. It is a jam packed story for only being 60 pages. Check it out!

Never lose hope.


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