Secret Lovers by Shelley Munro

Published: June 22, 2017

This was another of my interesting kindle unlimited discoveries. You haven’t read the reviews for the bad books because I never finished them. There are too many books in my to read list to waste time on poor reads. Unless, I get them for free to review then I give it all of my attention. So this book was just alright. It wasn’t life changing or anything but it was a comfortable read.

In this novel Maggie is your regular girl-next-door type who has a crush on the hot jock. The only problem is that the hot jock is one of her best friends in a group of all women and they have all made a pack not to date him. However, no one seems to consider what he might want. And through all of this Maggie is wanting to explore her sexuality and she thinks she would be into spanking. Thus begins her blog about wanting to find a partner who would be willing to spank her and how to go about it.

Connor is the best friend who wants to be more than friends with Maggie. The problem is he has a type and Maggie doesn’t fit into that mold. But that doesn’t stop him from wanting her. In order to pursue her he proposes a friends with benefits situation. Though, he quickly sees the error of his ways when Maggie talks about finding a boyfriend and he isn’t it. And to top it all off he secretly knows about her blog and wants to make all of her fantasies a reality.

So the book was cute and comfortable. Nothing too dramatic. It had all the right plot twists and interesting characters. It was also set in New Zealand which was a nice change for me from my regular reads. All in all if you want a nice read this would be it. If you want something exciting and gripping I would go with a different book. Maybe I’ll try more of Shelley Munro’s books maybe I won’t. Only time will tell.

Comfortable doesn’t mean bad.


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