The Darkest Touch by Gena Showalter

Published: November 25, 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen we are getting closer to me finishing this amazing series. Though I started writing in this blog well after I started this series I rarely get to share my love of big on going series like this with other people. So I’m going to gush a bit especially when I read the final two books.

We finally get to read Torin’s story. Of all the Lords I was most wary about his. The last book I read was Kane’s book and I found myself very indifferent to Kane as a Lord. That could be because he doesn’t play a large part in the other books but I’m not sure. I think Torin and Kane could have been closer friends if they tried. They both live life on the sidelines or in the shadows because they’re afraid of the havoc their demons will cause. Even though Kane causes mass destruction where ever he goes, Torin’s life has been more difficult. He can’t touch anyone skin to skin without creating a plague and this is a problem when he is the oldest virgin ever. All he wants is one person to touch and in his need he accepts the bargain that Cronus makes with him. However, he kills the one person he is supposed to be able to touch. In so doing he incurres the wrath of the Red Queen who immortals whisper about like she’s the boogie man. Can Torin resist the Queen’s temptation or will he be doomed to watch another lover die?

Keelycael is the fearsome Red Queen. Or at least she was. She has been imprisoned longer than she knows but she is highly adept to the modern world. She has only one friend in the world and that girl is taken from her by Torin. Her new worst enemy. Keely’s power is so great that she has very few weaknesses. She is convinced that she can take whatever Torin’s demon has to throw at her and that she can keep Torin. After being betrayed time and again throughout her life she doesn’t trust but she wants to trust the keeper of the demon disease. Will trust be enough though to keep these two crazy kids together?

Yes I was skeptical of this book and how Torin was actually going to be able touch Keely and not kill her. I think the way Gena Showalter did it was pretty great. It wasn’t a magical “this is the only person you can ever touch” type of deal which is what I was expecting. I enjoyed that we learned more about the new characters and the previous ones have had a slightly larger role. I also want to give a shoutout to these strong female characters that Gena is writing. There is nothing I hate more than a woman who folds when she is supposed to be a warrior. I’m not saying that these characters are strong all the time but neither are the men. It’s great. Y’all realize so far in the series the Lords are married to a goddess, queen of the Titans, queen of the Fae, the most sought after seer in the realms, harpies, an angel, demon posed warrior, immortal warrior, and basically an all powerful queen. Not to mention the ones who are just human. They are the real ones to watch out for. Can’t wait to see what awaits me in Baden’s book!

Who rule the world? Girls!


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