The Hook-Up Experiment by Emma Hart

Published: March 13, 2018

**I received an ARC for an honest review**

The newest book from Emma Hart is everything I wanted it to be. Honestly, I think it was better than the first book about this trio of friends, The Upside of Being Single. It was romantic and it was hilarious. I laughed until I cried in some parts of this book. A big “thank you” and A+ to Emma Hart who finished this book while battling severe carpel tunnel. As someone who has had carpel tunnel surgery only to later find out that I have ulnar tunnel instead I know how much that sucks. But she powered through and finished the book even though she was in a lot of pain. That is dedication to her readers!

Peyton Austen is the fierce owner of the best hook-up site in New Orleans, Pick-a-Dick. She is a firm believer that hook-ups are good for the soul and not everyone needs the hassle of a relationship. He brother, Dominic, doesn’t believe that. He is the co-owner of Pick-a-Dick’s sister dating site. Therefore he challenges Peyton to sleep with a random guy three times and not fall in love with him. All in two weeks. Peyton hates to lose especially to her brother especially when there is $500 on the line. She knows she can prove him wrong but she doesn’t expect who her friends set her up with.

Elliot Sloane cannot believe that the girl he knew was the one that got away is his blind date. But she isn’t happy to see him and he knows why. Even though Peyton doesn’t know the whole story. Elliot agrees to help her with he absurd bet because the last thing he wants is a relationship with someone who hates him when he has a 3 year old daughter at home. Little does he know that his entire world is about to be turned on it’s axis because of a stubborn Southern girl.

I laughed through about half of this book. It is definitely a romantic comedy. So if you’re looking for a book that’s a bit steamier this may not be for you. But if you want comical and real this is it. Although, I’m the same age as these ladies and none of this fun stuff is happening to me. That’s what I get for leaving the south. Anyway, the book was fast paced and left you curious about Chloe & Dominic’s book but not feeling like this one wasn’t properly wrapped up. I think this could be a good stand alone but it is much funnier if you read The Upside of Being Single first. Hold tight until May when we finally get to see sparks fly between Chloe and Dominic. I’ll end this post in the words of Peyton that convey my feelings about responding “K” to a text message so beautifully.

“Whoever replies ‘K’ to a text message should be chased into the ocean by pigs.”


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