Wicked Nights by Gena Showalter

Published: June 26, 2012

As you are painfully aware of by now I’ve been working my way through the Lords of the Underworld series. Well I knew there was an interconnected series about the angels (specifically Zacharel) when I started the Lords. I just didn’t know when to read it so that it would fit in. As fellow readers you know that if you read a tie-in book too early you get spoilers. Sometimes if you read it too late it is kind of painful because so much has happened already. Well for this one I timed it almost right. I would put this after Paris’s book and either before or during Kane’s. Since I just finished Torin’s I don’t think I did too badly.

This novel gives us a look into the life of Zacharel. He is a fierce warrior angel who is as cold as ice. Literally. Snow falls from his wings. He carries the displeasure of his deity and only when he pleases him can he not carry the coldness. However, I believe that it is a physical embodiment of his emotions and once he starts having them again the snow becomes more sporadic. He is in charge of his rag-tag army and he must prevent them from killing humans even if it kills the demon within. When he encounters Annabelle he doesn’t know how to react to her. She is clearly the consort of a demon but he can’t figure out how she ended up as such. He also can’t resist the attraction he has to her even though she is a human and a magnet for demons.

Annabelle Miller has been falsely accused of brutally murdering her parents. Zacharel finds her in an institution for the criminally insane where she has been stuck for 4 years. She knows she isn’t insane and knows what killed her parents. But no one in her life believes her until a warrior angle saves her from the latest slew of demons that have been attacking her for years. She is a demon magnet and they will follow her no matter where she goes. Attacking her to please their master. She needs to survive the demons and the intensely sexual angel who has no clue of his appeal. He also isn’t sure how to keep a human alive. Can she thaw him and convince him that she is not a demons consort?

This book was very fast paced and shows the angel warriors like we haven’t seen them yet. We have seen them briefly interact with the Lords of the Underworld but never as individuals (besides Lysander and Olivia). I think each one has a lot to offer to not just the Lords series but to their own. It makes me a bit sad that there are only 3 books in this series and I honestly don’t know if Gena will be writing more. I hope so.

Keep the faith.


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