High Voltage by Karen Marie Moning

Published: March 6, 2016

Holy Hell!! What a book! I mean when it ended I couldn’t believe that was it! I needed more. I NEED more! I should probably explain my intense feelings for this book considering I rarely start a post with such expletives. I love Karen Marie Moning. She was the first romance author that I picked up when I was a teen that was checking out books in the romance section of the library. Her books hold a special place in my heart. However, I read all of the Highlander series and then started the Fever series. I hated book one of the Fever series. But about the time that book 5 came out I gave it a try again. I also had just read all of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s books at that time (which I was eh about the first time I read one) and wanted to give KMM another try. I’ve never regretted that decision.

When we last saw Dani it was in Feversong which at the time I thought was the final book in the series. But KMM wanted Dani to have her HEA too, so High Voltage was born. I didn’t think I was going to like it. I assumed that everything was coming up roses once Mac took the throne and restored the weave of the world with the Song of Making. I should learn to never assume things. Especially when it is about books. This book has a whole new set of issues that arose from the Song being sung and a whole new group of baddies to deal with. However, the first 9 books in the series took place in a little over a year. This book has jumped forward 2 years and 5-ish months from the end of the last book. I love seeing development like that. It shows that characters don’t have stagnant existences. They can grow.

Dani is left alone in her city. The Nine have gone. Ryodan left her. Mac and Barron’s are in Faerie. And she is losing her fecking mind she is so lonely. That is until a god tricks her (like gods are wont to do) into making a wish. She never suspects it to become true and she doesn’t even know which one he picked. But soon after she has found herself hurtled into a war with the old gods of Ireland. And keeping a watch over her shoulder for the Fae. That war is brewing and she knows it well but with Mac as queen she has her hands tied behind her back. And to top it all off something not quite normal is happening to her body and for her to say that it’s gotta be pretty damn strange.

The story between Ryodan and Dani is heartbreaking. At least in the beginning. They missed so much time together and then a war starts brewing and they lose more. However, Dani does get her HEA but the journey to it is epic just like the Mega herself. I would have loved this book to have more Barrons and Mac. I have always loved them as a couple and though I have a new appreciation for Dani and Ryodan, I’ll probably always like the originals the best. Rumor has it that there will be more books on the horizons even though Dani’s and Mac’s story arcs are officially completed. I want those books. So many things were left unanswered in this one. Even though it didn’t have a cliffhanger like many of the Fever books it still left a lot of questions that I need answers for. And Christian needs his own book. I fully believe that after everything he has gone through he deserves that HEA too. I don’t know how it’ll work since he is an Unseelie Prince and the Prince of Death to boot but it needs to happen! He has a Keltar mate and they need to find each other!

If you’ve never read any of KMM’s books I highly suggest them. You can’t go wrong with the Highlander series where we meet the clan Keltar who plays a large role in the Fever series. The Fever series is slow to build but will suck you in in an instant if you give it a chance. This book was everything I could have wanted for Dani and I’m glad that we finally see her taking time for herself and not out blazing a trail of glory everywhere she goes.

Fly with the stars, Stardust.


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