Masters of Seduction Volume 2 by Lara Adrian, Donna Grant, Laura Wright, Alexandra Ivy

Published: April 27, 2015

This second volume was everything I wanted and more. But I feel like I should warn readers ahead of time that this anthology does end in a cliffhanger. So if you absolutely hate cliffhangers and the uncertainty that there will be another volume then you may not want to start down this path. For those of you like me (I’ll read a book regardless of cliffhangers) there is a small hope for a volume 3. I tweeted at the authors and Donna Grant said that all four of them discussed doing another one but their publishing schedules have yet to work out. So like I said it is a small hope but at least they aren’t leaving us totally out to dry. On a side note, y’all probably would never believe that I actually only use Twitter for my blog, not really at all in my personal life. So when an author tweets back at me or replies there is always a little special tingling and excitement. But that is neither here nor there.

The first book in the volume is Priceless: House of Ebarron by Lara Adrian. In this one we meet Sorin Ebarron whose motto is “if I have it’s mine and no one else’s”. His house runs an exclusive casino that caters so the supernatural world. It’s so exclusive that you teleport/sift/whatever you want to call it in order to get there. So that’s exactly what Ashayla did. She bought “passage” from an incubus to get to the casino where she planned on robbing the Master of the House. Not exactly a smart plan. Especially when said Master is on to you before you even know it.

The next in line is Boundless: House of Drohas by Donna Grant. The master we meet is Javan of the House of Drohas and the Nephilim is Naomi though you could have fooled her that she was part of the supernatural world. Javan has been accused of murdering Naomi’s sister and she is determined to bring the killer to justice. She just doesn’t realize why she is so affected by Javan’s presence. She read her sister’s journals about sex demons and halfling angels but never believed it. Until she is confronted with the hard truth.

It is Laura Wright’s turn next with Dauntless: House of Trevanion where we are treated to a Cinderella story between Lord Casworon Trevanion and Lia the former Temple Blade now maid in his household. Casworon is the Master is his house after the passing of his father and true to tradition of this particular house he is set to be betrothed to a woman of his mother’s choosing. A mother that he hates. Lia was once a beautiful Temple Blade but after avenging her family and taking on a rogue Blade the damage done to her stripped her of her beauty and position. She has been a maid in Casworon’s house for several months and she finally sees the object of her desires. When she is presented with the chance of attending the ball and being what she once was in front of him she doesn’t look back. If she is to only have one night (even if it’s with 9 other women) then she’ll grasp it with both hands.

Last but not least we meet Tiege of the House of Furia in Reckless: House of Furia by Alexandra Ivy. Tiege is not the Master type and no one knows it better than Sloane, a guard in the Furia household. Sloane is a former Blade who refused to kill human women who were impregnated by Incubi. Therefore she was labeled as a traitor by the priestesses and because of her dead cousin’s connections to the House of Furia was able to get a job. But when all Nephilim are warned away from “feeding” Tiege it lands on her to step up. Can they stop arguing enough to actually manage a sexual interaction or will they kill each other first?

Like I said there is a cliffhanger in this book but the ending… Holy Hell! It was a nose dive off of the cliff and left me wanting to know what will happen next. With the fate of the Incubi/Nephilim world in the balance and the reawakening of the Master of the House of Akana there is so much more story to be told. I hope that the four authors find it in their schedules to finish out this series. I like closure and I’m severely lacking it right now.

Look towards the future.


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