Ride Dirty by Laura Kaye

Published: March 13, 2018

This is the last official book in the Raven Riders series. Laura Kaye put out a poll to her fans to find out who the last book should be and though I voted for Jagger apparently more people voted for Caine. Since I want a book for all of the Raven Riders I can’t be too upset that this book was about Caine. He is the silent broody type but after what Jagger has been through in the other books I think he deserves his own story. Thankfully, authors rarely say “never” so maybe someday the fans can pressure Laura Kaye into writing a book for Jagger and Phoenix. Can’t forget about Phoenix. I love them both and they both deserve to have stories.

Caine is definitely the lone wolf of the pack. He believes that he doesn’t deserve the happiness that is within his grasp even though he completely does. He meets Emma by chance one night and feels like the fact that her mugger got away is entirely his fault. So he stays around to make sure she is okay. But the closer he gets to her the longer he wants to stay in her warmth and light.

Emma loves Christmas but this year it has been a little unusual. First she is mugged. Then a biker comes to be her hero. Finally she falls in love. With a ton of twists and turns in the middle. As a kindergarten teacher everyone assumes that she is this sweet and innocent person and Caine is no different in that mentality. However, Emma is determined to prove him wrong. That is if she ever gets to see him again.

This story is a typical storyline for sure. The broody/silent hero rescues the sweet and innocent damsel and they fall in love. Even though the story basis might be typical, Laura Kaye does it in such a way that it doesn’t seem stale and old. The way Caine is with Emma and the way Emma fights Caine’s gut instincts for him is what makes this story different. It, of course, had an HEA and, in true Laura fashion, she told us how their lives played out years down the road. This is a new practice for her but I think it is just because several of her series are coming to an end. I would also like to give a shout out to the wonderful Christmas Day tradition that Emma has. She puts money away every year and on Christmas donates it to a charity. Her’s and Caine’s choice was a charity that helps LGBTQ+ homeless youth. What a fantastic idea and tradition. I might start doing that in my own life. Who knows.

“You’re fucking perfect to me.” -P!nk


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