Think of Me Demon by Miranda Grants

Published: March 30, 2018

**I received an ARC of this novel for an honest review**

This is the second book in the War of Myth series by Miranda Grant. The first book in this series sucked me in and spat me out. It was that good. This one wasn’t as good to me. It started out kind of slow and didn’t really pick up speed until the last couple of chapters of the book. I had a hard time connecting with the characters or even seeing them as a couple. Which is probably why this book didn’t suck me in.

Galvanor is the telepath for the elite team from the Myth the Elv’ve’Norc. He is mentioned in the first book and it is said that he has gone missing. Well, he was kidnapped by a bunch of demons. We never do get to find out how they kidnapped him. Which kind of sucks. As a rare child of three he has the abilities of astralics, telepathy, and telekinesis. Which is a fact that the demons never figure out. In fact the demons are very full of themselves. Kind of a turn off. I wanted to like them and I think the only one I actually liked was the king. Anyway, Galvanor is haunted by his past (like any good moody protagonist) but he never really talks about it with Matakyli. Though he tells her some he doesn’t open up to everything. She just has to infer everything from his reactions.

Matakyli is a Heldron princess and she acts every bit of entitled that you would expect from a princess. She and her brothers kidnap her lifemate so that she can steal his powers so she will survive Sebastian the Ancient Destroyer. What she doesn’t expect is that she actually likes her lifemate even though she constantly talks about how much weaker he is than her. When he starts to visit her in her dreams she doesn’t really know how he is able to do it but she is able to form a relationship with him that she didn’t think she wanted only to end up desperately needing.

Like I said this book wasn’t as good for me as the first one was. I did not really care for Matakyli as a character and Galvanor was kind of pompous as well. That being said I really appreciate the research that Miranda Grant has put into these books (especially with the mythological deities) and I am really looking forward to seeing how this world that she is creating and this story line will play out. It is a fresh idea and even though the second book didn’t really do it for me I will still be all over the third book that comes out in November. One item that did bother me in this novel, is the inconsistencies with the word “Elv’ve’Norc”. In some instances it was spelled with a “c” at the end and in others it was spelled without the “c”. There were also some smaller ones with characters in some scenes but they weren’t as consistent at the elite team’s name. Overall, I think y’all should give the War of Myth series a try. The first book was great, second was good, and the third is yet to be seen. Keep this on your radar because you know it’s going to be going places.

Never disregard your sixth sense.


** This just in! So the Elv’ve’Norc vs. Elv’ve’Nor is not a spelling error. The one with the “c” refers to the name of the group as a whole and the one without refers so the individual member. Thank you to the author, Miranda Grant, for emailing me and clearing that up.

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