The Darkest Torment by Gena Showalter

Published: November 22, 2016

I’m so close to finishing this series I can freaking taste it!! Well finish the series until the new book in June but it’s only April. I have a couple of months to finish the next book, so I think I’m doing good. But this book y’all was not necessarily my favorite. I wasn’t a huge fan of the “woe is me” Baden. I got very tired of his complaining. But it did get better as the book progressed.

We finally hear from Baden who is the former keeper of the demon of distrust and the newest soul to be brought among the living. After being dead for thousands of years and his only companion being Pandora, he has learned to be alone. Now his friends want him to stay with them all the time and he is the newest lackey to Hades in his war against Lucifer. Honestly, things are not looking great for Baden especially when he takes a distressed female from her wedding.

After being forced into marriage, forcibly abducted, and forcibly kept hostage Katarina is done of being forced to do things. She is also tired of everyone calling her weak. Like seriously, she isn’t immortal but she isn’t weak (even I was getting annoyed at this). But Katarina’s calling is working with dogs and after finding two strays that refuse to leave her side she is once again sucked into the world of dog training. Only these pups aren’t like any dog she has ever trained. On top of that she is trying to help Baden who doesn’t trust her but can’t resist her and navigate a world that she only knew about in fairytales. This brings the phrase “once upon a time” a whole new meaning.

Though this book wasn’t my favorite it did get better in the end. And since I’m late to the party, I always assumed Gilly would be mated with William until I read the excerpt for the book in June and then I was just all kinds of confused. I think the Gilly/Puck story will actually be really interesting. William is currently on a rampage so there will definitely be some hearts broken and maybe a few necks. But on a side note along the lines of character relationships, remember that the author doesn’t owe you anything. Even though you might have shipped Gilly & William together doesn’t mean that’s the way it’s going to be. Gena may have shipped them together but they spoke to her differently as the books progressed. Nothing bothers me more than people who are very self righteous about this type of thing. There are worse things than this. She could have killed one of them off. So there.

That short rant, guys, came from reading a comment on Goodreads about this book. I try to never expect anything from an author besides a next book. It makes life easier. I’m looking forward to seeing how this war progresses as well as what is going on with Pandora now that she has her own kingdom in Hell. She is a piece of work. Man I really don’t like her. But that makes for an interesting storyline. Until the next book friends!!

“There are three ways to look at the glass. Half empty, half full, and why are you eyeing my glass, bitch?” -Gwendolyn the Timid, Harpy from Clan Skyhawk


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