Rock Me by Carly Phillips

Published: September 19, 2017

I follow Carly Phillips on several social media sites, including being part of her Facebook group but I have never actually read one of her books until now. I’ve been reading a lot more contemporary romances lately rather than paranormal romances but I think that has been because I’m in between releases for all of my paranormal authors. When I’ve read everything they have put out I take the time to give new authors a shot. This was one of those times. Before I go into the book though I want to apologize to my readers for not posting very much lately. I know that this will be the second in a line of several posts but I have kind of let them back up on me which isn’t fair to you but life happens and that’s how the dice was rolled for these ones. So please bear with me as I get caught up.

Ben Hollander is part of an elite bodyguard agency. They are the best of the best and they know it. He ended up at this agency after having an affair with a contestant on a TV show that broke his contract and ended up getting him fired. After finally have putting that embarrassing event behind him he is given an assignment to protect none other than Summer Michelle. The same woman who got him fired before. But he is wiser now and can resist her charm. Or can he?

Summer Michelle was on a TV talent show and during that time she met and thought she fell in love with one Ben Hollander. That is until the studio found out about their affair. After not seeing Ben in years he suddenly appears as her bodyguard during a competition to be the opening act for pop sensation Jade Glow. After receiving minor threats against her, Glow’s people hired Ben’s firm to protect Summer from anyone making good on those threats. Which means Summer and Ben will be together 24/7. She can handle that. Right? Right?

She can’t handle it. Neither can Ben though. Because of that dynamic this book was interesting. It was definitely not my normal pace of books though it was well written. I enjoyed this book as a quick read. The story was pretty quickly paced but didn’t leave the reader feeling like they missed something. Because the story takes place within a certain time frame that helps the fluidity of the story and allows the reader to become immersed in their world. Additionally the epilogue set the scene for the second book in this series, Tempt Me. I like how Carly wrapped up this book in the epilogue by doing it through the point of view of the protagonist of the second book. Well done.

The pop princess and the bodyguard. Not as cliché as it should have been.



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