North of Need by Laura Kaye

Published: May 1, 2012

I purchased this book awhile back when it was on sale on Amazon. I knew I wanted to read it but it just kept getting pushed back for other books. Well, I decided to force myself to read it when I put in interlibrary loan requests for the second, third, and fourth books in this series. Once I got book two I realized that I really needed to read book one before I tackled the second book. So here is me telling you about this book that I did force myself to read just so I could read the rest in the series.

As the first book in a series we are introduced to a new type of paranormal romance, in this book we first meet Megan Snow. She is a typical human with an atypical problem. She lost her beloved husband two years prior on Christmas Day. She has been slogging through life with grey filters on since then. Every year, her and her husband went up to their cabin in the mountains for Christmas and this is a tradition that she just cannot let go. During this particular Christmas she is feeling extremely antsy so she decides that the best way to fix that is manual labor. Such as shoveling and building a snowman. But the snowman looked so alone that he deserved an entire snow family. The manual labor was just what she needed, that is until a storm hit that night and a strange man falls unconscious at her front door. During a blizzard. Needless to say she is pretty freaked.

Owen Winters is a minor god of Winter. Because of this he decides to take on the request of his very, very distant relative, John Snow (not that John Snow people we aren’t in Winterfell). John pleads his case to the council of gods that he cannot move on until his wife, Megan, is happy once again. Since, Owen has been whiling away the eons as wind and snow he decides to grant John’s request to make Megan happy. He has until the snow melts to make Megan fall in love with him in order to become human. The snowman she created earlier in the day is the perfect connection that he needs in order to enter the mortal world. But he does not expect the effect that Megan has on him almost instantly. Nor does he expect that he needs to make Megan fall for him in under a week due to a pissy god that decided spring should come early. But Owen can do it all. Or he at least hopes he can.

Though I gave this book a 3 star review on Goodreads and Amazon that wasn’t because it was a bad book. I liked it well enough, it just didn’t have the gripping power for me that I like my books to have. I do enjoy how Laura brings up the issue of climate change through the prospective of the gods of seasons. It is definitely a new twist for the paranormal romance world and I really enjoyed that. I think climate change is a real issue that will continue to affect us for generations to come. Though I hate the snow and the cold, I don’t want the polar icecaps to melt or the polar bears to stay on the endangered species list. These are just a couple of the real tragedies that are occurring this very minute. So thank you Laura for using your chosen medium to bring attention to this issue. Even though this book was just a “like” for me, I still look forward to reading the next in the series.


—He’s a snow god. Not Jack Frost.—


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