Covert Game by Christine Feehan

Published: March 20, 2018

We have another Ghostwalker novel and Christine Feehan has not let us down. We are back in the bayous of Louisiana with Team Four and we finally get to see what makes the strong silent one, Gino Mazza tick. The fact that he is the silent one in a group of enhanced ghostwalkers is really saying something. But this particular team has made their homes in the bayou near the Fontenot home in order to create the same type of fortress that the other teams have created in Montana and San Diego.

Gino Mazza is as damaged as they come. He watched his entire family be killed because they refused to give him to kidnappers who wanted to ransom him to his family. After that traumatic experience has shaped his entire life. His best friend Joe Spagnola found him and because of that Joe’s father Ciro raised him as his own. He was trained as the enforcer for Ciro’s branch of the mafia but got out to follow Joe into the military and then the ghostwalker program. He knows he has a demon inside of him that he has always be alright with until he sees Zara Hightower. She is the one woman that has a chance of taming the beast inside of him and the only one that he wants to give that chance to.

Zara Hightower has been trained by Whitney to be an industrial spy. She can store data from any machine in her brain without anyone ever being able to identify her as the culprit. However, in her latest mission she has gone up against the hyper-paranoid Cheng. When the data is destroyed from his computers he immediately takes her as a captive and puts her into the care of Zhu. Zhu is a sadistic bastard that wants Zara for himself. He knows how much Zara hates pain and puts her through as much as he can without causing permanent damage. Gino and his team run a suicide mission to get Zara back. And from the first chance he can get Zara is his to protect. Zara recognizes the demons in Gino and realizes that they will be her best bet to stay away from Zhu. Though their relationship starts with her wanting to be protected it quickly turns into one that she doesn’t know how she lived without.

Throughout this book Zara is given a lot of crap for her relationship with Gino. Mostly from her best friend Bellisia. Honestly, I was done with Bellisia. Like seriously, I just wanted to slap her. She was being a total bitch. Zara doesn’t want to be in the spotlight or travel around the world giving lectures. She just wants to do her research and have a family. This works fine for her but to others it looks like Gino will be dictating to her and making her the “little woman” at home. Nonny says it best in the book that the women need to draw the lines that they are comfortable with and never let the men cross them. Zara knows that and Gino is right there with her because all he really wants to do is maker her happy.

Though, I love the Ghostwalker series, I really want to see books from the other teams. The last three have been with Team Four. The next book would also make sense if it was with Team Four because I have a feeling the female protagonist will be Zara and Bellisia’s best friend/sister, Shayla. But after that one I’d really like to see a book with Team Three or even with Team Two. We haven’t had one from them for a very long time. I want to see how the kids have grown up. We last saw Team One right before the books on Team Four started. I think it’s safe to say we have a lot of books that we all would like to see but I have a soft spot for Team Three and would like to see them again. How about y’all? Which team or team member do you want to see next?
—“Here’s to finding out the real reason Cayenne can’t cook.” pg. 356—


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