Taming Him by Kennedy Fox

Published: January 30, 2018

This is the first book in the Bishop Brothers series about a set of brothers who grew up on a ranch in West Texas. It honestly wasn’t what I was expecting. I had a hard time continuing to read this novel. That could be because of the book or because The Thief by J.R. Ward was released on Tuesday and I really want to read it. But because I requested to review the second book in this series and hadn’t read the first book I picked up this one instead of reading The Thief. I’ll read that soon (hopefully) but it seems like the universe is against me reading it. The novel just wasn’t what I was expecting when I read the description. I grew up around ranchers and the character Alex honestly is unlike any cowboy I’ve ever met or read about. But maybe you’ll decide that this difference is a good thing but it was unexpected for sure though.

Alex Bishop is the youngest Bishop boy and has a a reputation for banging and bailing. When his friend Dylan wins a trip for two to Key West, FL he goes along for a little R&R. Little does he know that this one vacation will change his life forever.

River Lancaster is a PICU nurse in Milwaukee, WI. She recently had her heart broken by a two timing asshole and is convinced by her best friend Natalie that she needs a vacation in sunny Key West. There things heat up when she meets an honest to God Southern cowboy who turns her insides to mush. But a vacation fling is all it can be and all she wants. Well that is until a few months later.

As far as contemporary romances go this one was pretty good. It was a can’t put down good but it was comfortable. Alex is the kind of character that I was expecting a lot more drama from but in reality I didn’t get much. In fact I was expecting a lot more drama in this book in general. Fiction drama is great and there just wasn’t that much in this. Which is probably why I wasn’t over the moon with this book. Also, talking about the small town Texas being the middle of nowhere when River was from Wisconsin got annoying. I’ve been through Wisconsin a lot. Milwaukee isn’t that big. And the rest of the state is basically the middle of nowhere. But that’s just my opinion. On another note I completely agree with the description of sweet tea. I can’t stand that stuff. Sorry, not sorry, to all the southerners.

I’ve started the second book, Needing Him, and so far I am enjoying it more than Taming Him but you definitely should read this book first. Everything will make so much more sense. Stay tuned for that review on April 18th! The day after it is released!!

—“How do you drink that? It tastes like overly sweetened toilet water.”—


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