South of Surrender by Laura Kaye

Published: May 28, 2013

I know I’ve been kind of MIA this week but let me tell you it has been a week! I’m lucky I got this book done. It was a library book for me that was due so I buckled down and read it. Boy am I glad I did! You all know that I try really hard not to give away spoilers but for this one I’m not sure that I’ll be able to avoid them. So here is your advanced warning: This Post May Contain Spoilers! With that out of the way let’s continue, shall we?

This book is all about the playboy of the gods, Chrysander Notos. Like all playboys in romance novels, he has a much darker past than anyone knows. He cannot stand to be touched and he believes himself to be the throwaway of all of the Anemoi. And for those reasons he is trying to save Eurus. Since his brothers have new families he wants them to have long lives with them. He also blames himself for the treatment of Eurus by their father. As the youngest, Aeolus would use him against Eurus anytime he got the chance. Which is where he got his aversion to being touched. Until he meets a woman who takes care of him after a battle with Eurus. He cannot hold a form and crashes into her barn as his sacred animal, a winged horse.

Laney Summerlyn has been going blind since she was 17 years old. Now she only has center vision left in one eye so her life revolves around her farm and her writing. When a monster of a summer storm hits her farm she is terrified for her horses so she makes her way to the barn even though she cannot see her way. When she arrives she discovers an injured horse with wings. WINGS! of all things. She knows about the Pegasus but she does not believe in myths. Little does she realize that her love of animals and especially horses is what will change her life forever.

Chrysander leaves Laney in that barn when her farm manager arrives and Chrys sees the damage she did to herself trying to get to him. He definitely believes that he is not worth any of the trouble and he keeps injuring everyone around him. He needs to leave Laney alone but he cannot do it. Everything about her calls to everything about him and he needs her like he needs air. However, the war is climaxing with Eurus. Eurus has the firestone ring that their father created in order to control all of his sons. Because of that mistake, Eurus has the power of all of the cardinal winds and is stronger than they are no matter the season.

In order to combat Eurus, Chrysander, Zephyros, & Boreas must find their father and confront him about his ring and how he plans on dealing with his mistake. After the confrontation, Eurus brings the war to the homefront. Through all of this Boreas has rediscovered himself and gone from father time to the young god he really is. But after all of his changes and finally having the family he has always wanted he will not allow his son to be taken from him.

This book had all of the feels with it. I’m sure you can infer what happened to Boreas from my summary. I did shed a tear or two at the end of this book. We learned what happens when powers are moved through the generations and how the war will come to an end. With the introduction of Eurus’s son and heir, Devlyn, into the mix we are set up for the fourth and final book in the series. This war will either end with the end of humanity in the hands of Eurus or with the end of the God of the East Wind.

—All lights on the compass must be lit—


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