Tempt Me by Carly Phillips

Published: January 16, 2018

Ok this was a cute book. It is a very short and quick read that is well written but doesn’t leave any cliffhangers around. Even though some may think that nanny and single dad romances are cliché, I actually really like them. Well most of them. The well written ones. And this one falls into that category.

Austin is a body guard and after his last assignment almost permanently took him away from his little girl he decides a change is in order and he starts to work from home. The only problem with being home all the time is keeping his hands off of his live-in nanny. She is there to take care of his daughter Bailey and not his needs. But when his ex wife comes back to blackmail him he doesn’t know if he can resist her comfort.

Mia has a rule about hooking up with her employer. Don’t do it. That simple. Right? Wrong! It would be if her employer wasn’t sexy as hell and protective to boot. It also doesn’t help that he is so sweet with his daughter and is just an all around amazing man. Which is every sane woman’s dream. But the present problem is that she wasn’t a family and he doesn’t want to get married ever again. She grew up in foster care and though her families weren’t bad they were never her’s. She wants what she never had so when Austin tells her he doesn’t want to get married again she closes herself off to him. At least until her past comes back to haunt her and everything is brought out to the light of day.

This had so many feelings in it. Mia just wanted to be a part of the family and not the outsider and Austin didn’t know how to do it again. But when push came to shove love prevailed. In a not terribly cheesy fashion of course. This book was well written and clocking in at just about 150 pages you know you can sit down and read it real quick. It’s a book to read on it’s own, with the series, or when you just want something short and good to read.

—“Go for the orgasms. That’s all I’m saying.”- Amber, Mia’s best friend, p. 67-68.—


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