The Dating Experiment by Emma Hart

Published: May 8, 2018

Yes, another wonderful book by my favorite pink haired author, Emma Hart. I received an ARC of this novel for an honest review. And even though that needs to be said I would have for sure bought this novel anyway. Ever since I discovered Emma Hart I have thoroughly enjoyed her books and this one was no exception. Though it wasn’t my favorite one. Most of her books have me in stitches and this one I had a few chuckles but nothing that required me to suck in breath because I was laughing so hard. However, it was a great conclusion to this trio of friends that are from my favorite city, New Orleans.

Chloe Collins has been in love with Dominic since she met him as a child. As the older brother of her best friend, Peyton, he has always been in her life. Unfortunately, he has never seen her as more than the best friend of his little sister. As the cherry on top of this depressing sundae, they own the dating site Stupid Cupid together. So she has to see him everyday and with him comes his dates and she cannot stand it anymore. Therefore, after another of their infamous arguments she dares him to find her a date with the perfect man using their dating site. And the idiot does.

Dominic Austin cannot win. He is in love with his business partner who is also his little sister’s best friend. He doesn’t want anything to change between them but when Chloe dares him to find her the perfect man, he makes her find him the perfect woman. He does his job a little too well and finds her someone that she could truly be happy with. However, he cannot handle it and everything gets messed up when he kisses her. Instead of using his words like a normal person he decides his actions will be better. What he doesn’t expect is her kissing him back. If she has feelings for him then why did she have him set her up in the first place?

There is just a mass of confusion and no communication outside of bickering between these two. But even if you don’t know their backstory because you haven’t read the two previous books, you can tell that they are meant to be together. They already fight like an old married couple minus all the bonuses of actually being married. Chloe is this wonderfully sassy character but she is generally more reserved than Peyton and Mellie. So where as I laughed my ass off during the previous two books, I definitely just had the chuckles and a few laughs in this one. But that was the nature of the characters. Doesn’t mean that this novel wasn’t as good as the other two because it seriously was. This book is also a quick read and you won’t want to put it down. It took me really only a matter of hours altogether to read. And who doesn’t love quick reads? Long ones are nice but it’s the quick ones that leave you craving more.

As a final note, I just wanted to give a shout out to Emma Hart (who may never read this but, hey, you all will know). If you are a fan of hers, you know that she has severe carpal tunnel in both of her wrists. As someone who had carpal tunnel in one hand and currently has ulnar tunnel in both wrists (the ulnar nerve is the other main nerve in your wrists and hands) I know how painful that can be. And mine isn’t even surgery severe yet. So a BIG THANK YOU to Emma for finishing this book, the last book, and starting the next one, even while you are in a lot of pain. That’s not only dedication to your career and your craft but also to your fans who wait (im)patiently for your next books.

—“Can I take back all the times I ever wanted to be a grown up?
No? Well, that sucked.” —

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