East of Ecstasy by Laura Kaye

Published: April 22, 2014

The final book in the Hearts of Anemoi series was phenomenal! I am so glad I discovered this series. I’m still a fairly new Laura Kaye fan and I’ve discovered a lot of authors recently so it has definitely been interesting trying to find all of the other books that have been written. Though this one was her first paranormal romance series it does not read like a first timer.

In this final book we get to official meet Devlin Easton. The son of Eurus and the heir to the East Wind. His entire life he has been hated and reviled because of who his father is. Every time he meets someone who knows about his unfortunate parentage they assume he is exactly like his father. That is until he meets Anna. He accidentally finds her and her art studio and discovers a large amount of divine power in her. As well as a gift of foresight. She paints the future. Devlin knows that her paintings are important to taking out his father but little does he know how important she will be to saving him.

Annalise “Anna” Fallston has been colorblind since she was born. The only time she can see colors is when she is painting. Therefore painting has become a solace to her in an otherwise black, grey, and white world. That is until she gets horrible images in her head that forces her to paint no matter how tired she is or what else she is doing. That is how Devlin finds her. She is painting like a mad woman and he feels himself wanting to figure out why. She is taking care of her father full time and doesn’t have the time or patience for a war between the gods.

Once Devlin convinces Anna what he actually is, he is convinced that he’ll bring her nothing but pain. When the other gods find him and get involved in her life he knows he is nothing but bad for her. However, as we all expect from our heroines, she has something else to say about it. She doesn’t want to leave him and she knows that he needs her more than he’ll admit. She needs him now too, once she finds out what her new reality it.

I honestly could not believe this was the last book. It had so many feelings not just with Devlin and Anna but with the other characters that we have followed through these books. The twists and the turns that the end of the book took had me holding my breath, putting it down, and flat out rejecting the words. But I pulled through to continue the book which was really good but it was rough for a couple of chapters. I mean really rough. There were tissues involved. Honestly, this series was so worth my time. It took me a while to read because I got the books from interlibrary loan at my library so I had a couple of months in between the first book and this last book but it was worth it. I got to support my library and read an amazing book by an author that I only recently discovered in the last year. So farewell to the Anemoi but not farewell, by far, to Laura Kaye.

—“You take good care of her, treat her right, make her laugh plenty, and say ‘yes’ to everything she wants. I was married a lot of years, and I’m telling you that’s the formula to success.” -Anna’s Father, p. 326—

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