The Darkest Promise by Gena Showalter

Published: June 13, 2017

Finally, I’ve finished the Lords of the Underworld series as we know it so far. Thank you for taking this journey with me. I started this series about a year ago so to be done with it is awesome. Well, done with it until The Darkest Warrior is released in June.

Our Lord in this book is the Lady of the Underworld, Cameo. She is the keeper of the demon of Misery and for that reason she is convinced she will always be alone. No one can stand the sound of her voice and all of her happy memories are stolen by her demon. So when she is told by her fellow Lords that she spent months with Lazarus in the spirit realm but doesn’t remember him at all she knows that she was happy with him. That is the only reason that she wouldn’t remember a specific person. She cannot stand that her demon has taken more of her past from her so she gathers the parring rod and the other artifacts and is determined to find him in the spirit realm.

Lazarus the Cruel and Unusual, the only son of Typhon the monster, the king of the Realm of Grimm and Fantica has found her. The only one who can destroy him. Cameo is his monomania, his obsession, and he lost her. As a spirit he cannot travel into the physical world where Cameo is so imagine his surprise when she comes to him. Only she doesn’t know who he is. That is unacceptable in his world. He wants to see her smile and hear her laugh but he knows that he will need to fight her demon for every experience with her. But can he actually give her up once he has had all of her or will he be destroyed by her?

This book is probably my favorite in the series thus far. It had everything I like in a novel, action, suspense, hot scenes, and witty banter. On top of that the storyline is a culmination of what we have been reading about in the other books. With the war between Hades and Lucifer heating up we know that the next book will have to deal with those battles as well as any others that come their way. Unlike other books there weren’t as many storylines to follow in this one. It was basically all on Cameo and Lazarus with some time spared for Viola. The reader learns what makes the minor goddess of death tick. Or at least why the fallen angel is so obsessed with her.

To top of this great novel, the audiobook was superb as well. I love a good audiobook and I’m thankful that my job allows me to listen to them so I’m not just listening at the gym or on my non-existent drive to work. Max Bellmore is a true treasure and I hope he never ever stops doing the audio for this series or the Angels of the Dark series. There are several narrators that I absolutely love and after listening to all of these books as well as reading them I can say that Max Bellmore is one of those narrators. I can’t wait to hear what he does for the next book.

You might notice that the cover for the book I chose is the original cover and not the current one for the paperbacks. The reason the cover was changed from this one is because fans didn’t think it was fair that all of the guys had their butterfly tattoos showing and Cameo didn’t. I actually like the first cover better and here is why. In the book Cameo’s tattoo spans her lower back and wraps around her hips to her front with the antennae reaching up between her shoulder blades. In the cover the butterfly covers her upper back. Additionally, in the new cover Lazarus has a tattoo in the center of his chest that is never mentioned (unless I missed it of course). I don’t remember him having an eye tattoo. So I like this original cover better because it fits with book so much better in my opinion.

The next book is about Gilly and Puck and though many many fans were either devastated or enraged that Gilly did not end up with William, I am not one of them. So when the review for The Darkest Warrior comes out I would like y’all to remember that. Though I respect my fellow fans’ opinions I am also of the belief that the author has the right to write these characters in whatever way they speak to her. I am of that belief no matter the author but I am also a bit more distant with this series considering I started it last year and just now finished. Either way, I just know the next book is going to be so good and I’m glad we get a little novella (Galen & Legion’s story) to tide us over until 2019 when The Darkest King is released and we finally get to have the book about William the Ever Randy.

—“Her pain was so strong, so shrill she could almost understand a man’s suffering when he had a cold.” -Cameo, Keeper of Misery.—

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