The Queen of Zombie Hearts by Gena Showalter

Published: September 30, 2014

Book Three of The White Rabbit Chronicles was just as good as I wanted it to be. I thought we had seen the end of worrying about Cole and Ali’s relationship but alas I was wrong. This book brings a type of closure to their relationship and has drama and action throughout. As well as nothing from Cole’s point of view. Boo! Hiss!

In this novel Ali and Cole are still battling with Anima. But the war has been kicked up a knotch or like 100. Anima attacks the slayers on their home turf and catches them by surprise. That surprise is fatal to some of their crew and just lights the match to an inferno in the rest of them. After everyone is located Ali starts to see who she thinks is a witness. Because of a gift this witness gives to her she can now control the zombies with burst of energy. Unfortunately the only slayer able to do such a thing is Helen Conway traitor and murderer of Cole’s Mom. Cole doesn’t want Ali to have anything to do with her but in her book all weapons are good weapons.

Things heat up in the war and allies are made. River has another crew of slayers and Anima pits them against Cole’s in hopes that they’ll destroy themselves. Unlikely friendships are made but things are still going wrong in the background. Cole and Ali are having a fight again and their visions don’t make sense to them. Not only that but Ali is still priority number 1 to Anima and Juliana (Veronica’s little sister) is convinced the Cole belongs with either her or Veronica. So she is willing to do anything to get rid of Ali. At least until she burns bridges with Cole that will never be rebuilt. You’ll see!!!

The suspense throughout this book and the action throughout made it a super quick and interesting read. Though you’re gonna want to have a box of tissues with you through the whole book. Trust me. It was heartbreaking and it’s good writing to invoke emotions for fictional characters. I was a wreck at the end of this book and that rarely happens with me. Or at least, I like to think it rarely happens. Y’all will love this. I only wish that these books were written not as YA. I think they would have made fantastic adult novels. Only if I could have Cole’s point of view of course. And if they were older characters. If they had been in college it would have been phenomenal. Or whatever is better than phenomenal because this series already is phenomenal.

—“I’m usually a fan of sexual tension, but this is like an X-rated kindergarten class, with two little jerks crushing on each other, both too stupid to admit it out loud.” -River, pg. 277

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