Everwylde by Donna Grant

Published: April 16, 2018

Admittedly, I am not only behind on reading this book but I’m also super behind in writing blog posts. Y’all know how life can get in the way well it has and I’m trying to make time to read and write. This book was really good but it didn’t suck me in like I thought it was going to. Donna Grant’s Dragon Kings just sink their claws in me and don’t let go but the Kindred series each book is like a slow burn. You know the blaze is coming but it is suspenseful getting there. I guess it’s for the best that it isn’t an inferno starting out. Then I would expect too much from these books.

Ravyn is the witch hunter that we are following in this novel. Her and Margery leave the abbey in order to find the witch that slaughtered Ravyn’s family when she was a little girl. In order to do this she follows every possible witch because she only knows that the one she is after is blonde and has a terrible laugh. When Ravyn hears about a battle that could only be the result of magic she goes to investigate Lord John and she finds Sir Carac.

Carac is a knight for hire with an army behind him. But their most recent service is to a Lord who has a peculiar lady at his side. And has done an about face on his entire character. Not only that but there are whispers of magic and witches afoot. But everyone knows witches don’t exist. Or do they? The beautiful Ravyn certainly thinks so and she is determined to show Carac once he decides not to let her go it alone.

Like I said, a slow burn. By the time we got to the fight scenes with the Coven I was more than ready for some action. But I was gripped and invested in the book by then as well. We also got to learn more about the Varroki in this novel and I really hope that Malene and Amir get a book. Like it has only been two books and that relationship is already a long time coming. The writing was superb in this novel (as usual) and I think the war will just continue to get more interesting. I am curious as to what the next book is and who it will be about. As well as seeing how the Coven Elder recovers her losses and what the larger role Sybille will play. So much speculation. So little time.

—“Find me a skilled man, and I might rethink it.” -Margery—

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