A Mad Zombie Party by Gena Showalter

Published: September 29, 2015

The last book in the White Rabbit Chronicles does not follow Ali and Cole’s relationship. Instead we get to see how Frosty is handling Kat’s death and most importantly how he will move forward from this. I’ve got to say though that Gena wrote a great book with including both Frosty and Milla’s points of views. Where was that in the previous books? Seriously!!!!! I’m ecstatic that we got what is going on Frosty’s head. I honestly don’t think that this novel would have worked without having Frosty’s point of view. Especially, since the premise of the novel is getting him to move on productively after Kat’s death.

So, Kat is dead and Frosty is not dealing with it well at all! He is banging anyone who even slightly resembles her and he knows that he would be disappointing her but he doesn’t know how to stop. That is until Kat the Witness appears to him and lays down the law. He said he would do anything to see her for an hour a day every day and that includes letting his enemy “protect” him. That is until enemies become friends but can they go further than that?

Camilla “Milla” Marks is part of the reason why Kat is dead. She made a deal with Anima to do anything to protect her brother. She agreed to exchange Ali’s life for his. After her memories are returned to her she knows that she has betrayed everyone she cares for and then she is forced to live with a guy who hates her. Frosty blames her for Kat’s death but he doesn’t know that no one can blame her more than herself. She knows she messed up and if saving Frosty is a step towards redemption then it is the right one.

This book was a rollercoaster of emotions for me. Because we finally got to see the male protagonist’s point of view I knew what was going on in Frosty’s head and why he was doing what he was doing. We also got to see the change that overtook him when he starts to get to know Milla. She also changes towards Frosty but she is protective of her heart. Which makes this such a sweet and exciting book. Because I forgot to mention, Anima isn’t gone and they still want Ali. Everyone dead would be nice too. Kat is popping in and out throughout the book helping the heroes and when she is holding back a secret it could get everyone killed.

Again, I thought the book would have been better if it would have been an adult book instead of young adult. I mean I love romance novels so clearly I think this book would have been better if the bedroom scenes had been more in-depth but at least I got the hear what was going on in the male protagonist’s head. So I’ll take it. Check this out for 4 books that will take you no time to read. A week at max. Even if you’re a slow reader.

—“Sweet Pea, you are my favorite hello and my hardest goodbye, and I don’t want to go a day without you. Consider that your official invitation.” -Frosty—

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