Torched by Donna Granti

Published: May 29, 2018

This book!!! Oh man this book! Words escape me for how wonderful this novel was. First, I want to thank Donna for putting an embargo on the book. I am so glad that we all got to read it, or at least had the opportunity to read it, at the same time. It was nice not having to avoid reviews weeks before the book was published. Secondly, I was sure at the beginning of this series that Ulrik would be the ultimate baddy. Then he started to change throughout the books to become a decent person again. So here we are. Bearing witness to his change.

Ulrik the King of the Silvers was banished from Dreagan eons ago. He pulled himself out of madness only to create a plan to destroy those who took everything from him. It has taken him countless centuries but he is finally in the position he needs in order to take back his birth right. The only problem is the anger and hatred that has fueled him all these years are no longer quite as fierce as they once were. He now finds himself intrigued by a Druid and he can’t understand why. Sure, she’s beautiful and powerful but ultimately she is human and he hates humans. He doesn’t realize how much he has changed until his Druid sheds light on it.

Eilish is a Druid of great power and she has sided with the wrong person in this war. She is desperate to know anything about her mother and by doing so she has caught the eye of Mikkel. He dangles information of her mother in front of her like a carrot and expects her to do his every whim. The most recent being that he wants her to kill Ulrik. However, she is not a murderer and she doesn’t think she can kill a dragon king with her magic if she really really wanted to. It sounds too fantastical. Not to mention the attraction she feels towards Ulrik every time she is around him. She can’t stop thinking about him and she knows that will be her downfall.

This book to me longer to read than I thought it would but it was worth every second of reading. Also, work got in the way of me being able to read. Damn work. Like I said at the beginning of this post I never foresaw a redemption story for Ulrik. As the series went on it became more likely but then I was lost as to who the villain would be. Things have just started to heat up in the world of the dragons and a war is going to begin very soon. Everyone must choose a side and that includes Rhi and Death and the Reapers. The book ended with a bang and it has been making fans everywhere greedy and impatient for the next book which, in this case, will be a 1,001 Dark Nights Novella out in October. OCTOBER!! That’s a long way off but there are interesting things on the horizon if you are patient enough to wait for them.

—“He needs to burn his prick for ever sticking it in you.” -Kiril—

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