Hot Asset by Lauren Layne

Published: May 22, 2018

I’ve never read anything by Lauren Layne before. In fact I have never even heard of her before I read this book. I went to pick up a movie at my local public library and this book was on the new release shelf. It looked interesting so I thought I would give it a whirl. It was mostly what I expected from a contemporary romance but it was written well and I didn’t feel like I couldn’t finish it so overall I think it was a good spur of the moment choice.

Ian Bradley is the poster boy for Wall Street hot shot. He has worked his way up from the gutters in Philadelphia to become one of the biggest names in New York. He trusts his gut always and he never gets attached to women. That is until the SEC starts to investigate him for insider trading. They believe he had a tip as to when a tech company would go bankrupt. Honestly, he just didn’t feel right about it so he bailed. And saved his clients millions. The SEC isn’t so inclined to believe that answer.

Lara McKenzie is one of the best agents for the SEC. She is sent to investigate Ian for insider trading and is led to believe that if she bags this “big fish” she’ll get her recommendation to the FBI. She can’t stand Ian’s attitude or demeanor. He acts like God’s gift to women and is actively trying to derail her investigation. But as the investigation progresses she learns more about Ian and actually…kinda…sorta…likes him.

This novel wasn’t terribly long so it was a perfect pick for a spur of the moment choice. It had an enemies to lovers feel without the two ever being true enemies. It also had enough mystery to keep me reading. Though I had suspicions about the plot line I wasn’t 100% sure so I kept on reading. My suspicions were correct but I wouldn’t have known that without finishing. I am definitely interested enough to pick up the following books in this series when they are released and a repeat reader makes a happy author.

—“And we’ve got Danny Zuko here, who won’t tell us if Sandy put out under the dock.” -Matt, pg. 193—

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