The Darkest Warrior by Gena Showalter

Published: June 26, 2018

I received an ARC of this novel not for an honest review but as a gift. As y’all know I have just recently finished this series as it is and fell head over heels in love. With me not being invested in this series over the years I don’t have the same feelings that other fans have about William and Gilly ending up together. In fact I didn’t want them to end up together. I think Gilly was too broken and William was too self-centered to really help her. But there was caring and affection in their relationship. It just wasn’t of the romantic kind that many wanted to see. In this post there are spoilers because I really want to talk about the book in this review rather than do a summary like I’ve been known for. So that’s your warning. Spoilers ahead!!!

The beginning of the novel starts back in The Darkest Torment territory but with Puck’s point of view. He is the keeper of Indifference and though he can feel its better for him if he doesn’t. We are taken on a journey of what happens after Puck bonds with the young, fragile Gilly and how he really does just want to protect her though he has his own agenda. Everything that he does is so that William will agree to help him get his crown back from his brother. The same brother that gifted him with the demon.

The king of Amaranthia (Puck’s younger brother Sin) needs to be stopped at all costs so Puck will do what it takes to get him off the throne. After bonding with Gilly, he takes her to his home realm where time works differently. He knows that she will have grown into her immortality when he gets back but nothing could prepare him for the kick-ass 500-year-old in front of him. For him it has been 3 weeks of searching for William. For her it has been 500 years and she has become a warrior queen. I honestly was a bit miffed when I found out that she aged five hundred years in just a chapter or so. I wasn’t sure what to feel about it as I read it but I think it really helped the story along. Because of what happened to Gilly when she was younger she needed time to mend her wounds and battle her own demons. She even says that at 200 years she wasn’t ready to be a wife to Puck and probably not at 300 years either. But when Puck finally comes back after 500 years she is ready to be his wife in all ways. Only William is convinced she will not feel the same way about Puck once their bond is severed. He will help Puck only if he severs the bond that he has with Gilly.

This novel was honestly so good. I loved the direction that Gena took the characters in but I hope that we will see more of Puck and Gilly interacting with the Lords of the Underworld. From the sounds of it, they don’t plan on returning to the mortal realm anytime soon which makes me wonder how or if they will tie into the war with Hades and Lucifer. Also, we get to see the Sent Ones again! OMG guys!!! I need more Sent Ones in my life. Like seriously we only get a couple of scenes with them but I need Bjorn and Xerxes stories like ASAP! Can we get on that please? I care more about their stories than I do about William. I just hope the next book (William’s book) puts him up against a woman who is immune to his charms and really makes him work for it. He is too cocky for his own good. I will try to be better with spoilers in the future guys but I honestly hope that you go out and pick up this book. Even if you are 100% team William you should give this novel a chance. It may surprise you.

—“Give a suitor a proper kiss. What? What’s that look? Kissing isn’t cheating. It’s one friend helping another friend refill her lungs. Kissing is survival.” -William The Ever Randy, pg. 237—


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