Royal Love by Cristiane Serruya

Published: January 10, 2018

This was my first novel by Cristiane Serruya and I didn’t know what to expect really because the blurb for the book was kind of vague. Basically what I thought it was about was a playboy royal who gets a commoner knocked-up and then has to deal with his mother. That summary is correct in the most basic terms. This book was so much more than that. The book had moments of a fast paced storyline and others of a slower paced one. Additionally, the author made the king kind of a pompous ass. Generally when I’m reading ones about royals it is about this shy, misunderstood royal who doesn’t really want the position. However, Angus likes being king. He knows that pretty much nothing is out of the realm of possibility when he wants something and he expects everyone to do what he says/commands without talking back. Which makes for both a good protagonist and a frustrating one.

As stated Angus is king to a small nation but he is also a king without an heir or any prospects of one. So for one night he does something unthinkable and decides to take a waitress back to his place in London. He doesn’t understand why he does it but he just knows it is a compulsion that cannot be fought. However, he promptly dismisses her in the morning after even more sex. He is obsessed with her but his schedule won’t let him see her. Like ever. That is until he shows up to her flat and she tells him she’s pregnant. She doesn’t want to marry him doesn’t even know he is a king until he starts ordering her around. In a desperate bid to keep her and the baby he drugs her and kidnaps her so she has no choice but to come back with him.

Siobhan is a scrappy orphan who has had to work hard her entire life. Then on her birthday she decides to take a chance and hooks up with an important guest at the wedding she was working at. Not only that but he dismissed her after their night together. She knows she shouldn’t be hurt that it was only a one night stand but dammit she wanted some affection. He proceeds to tell her that he will try to meet with her in London but weeks go by and she doesn’t see him until another event she is working and a beautiful blonde is hanging all over him. So she wipes her hands of him. That is until she finds out she is pregnant and knows she needs to tell the father. What she didn’t expect was that he would take her from her life and dictate to her how it was going to be from now on. Siobhan isn’t a doormat so she just needs to pick her battles and wait him out. And possibly make him fall in love with her at the same time.

This book was well written but it wasn’t like a can’t put it down book. I’m glad that it was a kindle unlimited offer because I didn’t really want to purchase it but I did want to read it. So I’m thankful everyday I signed up for KU. Anyway, there were a lot of unexpected plot twists in this novel. I had thought it would basically be about the king trying to convince the woman that is carrying his child to give him a chance. Though that did happen in this book there was more to it than that. The storyline included assassination attempts, treason, and secret lineages. All things that we as readers love to have in a story about royalty. Well, I might be the only one that loves that but seriously I need action with my HEA. I think I will give the second book a shot and since it is also a KU book and there are only two in the series I don’t feel like it is a large time commitment. I probably didn’t convince you to read this book but it was well written and once I got past Angus’s pompous ways it got much better.

—“Here in Lektenstaten, the usual form of address is King Angus, or Your Majesty, rather than bastard.” -Angus, King of Lektenstaten—

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