Chasing Him by Kennedy Fox

Published: June 28, 2018

The next installment in the lives of the Bishop Brothers picks up where Evan’s book leaves off. That being it picks up with all of them on the porch of the B&B and a little baby girl in a car seat. Even though the story does pick up there Kennedy Fox does give us some back story first. Which is super nice. Otherwise I think all the readers would have felt like they were missing something. Myself included. Anyway, the love and craziness of the Bishop family are back and I was not disappointed.

John is known as the quiet and conservative brother. He kind of has to be with his twin being Jackson. Jackson is loud and crazy enough for all of them and it doesn’t help when he pretends to be John to get out of something. John has played by the rules and guidelines that his family set his entire life and still he finds that there is a little baby girl on his front porch put there as the final wishes to the mother. A woman who broke things of with John so suddenly that he never had proper closure. Well, now his entire life revolves around his daughter, Maize, but he doesn’t know what he is doing. His family is supportive and is trying to help the best that they can but what can they really do? None of them know how he feels and how he is dealing with it. Or rather not dealing. That is until his mother puts her foot down and gets a nanny for him. When he first sees his daughter’s new nanny he doesn’t believe it. Nannies aren’t supposed to be young and hot. Absolutely not. That is a recipe for disaster. But only if he lets her close to his heart. He can protect one fickle organ right?

Mila graduated college early and because of that she is sitting around doing nothing at her home in Georgia until the school year starts and she can begin teaching. For that reason, her grandparents convince her to come visit them in Texas. She has been so busy that she hasn’t made time to see them and she feels terrible about it. So off to Texas she goes. While there she decided to use the time to forget about her best friend who friendzoned her the first time they met and who is getting married to someone not her. Because she really doesn’t have much to go back to in Georgia she takes Mrs. Bishop up on her offer of a nanny position. Known as the “baby whisperer” she knows that there is no child around that can resist her. But when she finally meets Maize’s father she is at a loss for words. He was not what she expected and all she wants to do is jump his bones. But getting involved with her boss is not a good idea especially when she will be leaving in a few months.

The novel started out slow for me because it was a good few chapters before Mila and John ever met. I was hoping they would have met right at the beginning of the book but since that didn’t happen I was impatient to get them together. After they finally met, the book went quickly and it had a lot of ups and downs. John was an ass a good portion of the book and Mila was insecure in whether or not she wanted a relationship with John. The book went through several months and I think the way it was written and put together really made sure that no one missed anything important. There was a lot going on but the main focus remained John, Mila, and Maize. I can’t wait for the last book in this series. Jackson’s is going to be one of the best I think. Considering the way this one ended I think the next one will at least start with excitement.

—“Fine, we’ll use code words. Did he apologize for not putting his sword in your goody basket?” -Kat, Mila’s cousin—

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