Logan’s Acadian Wolves by Kym Grosso

Published: September 17, 2013

This book took me longer than average to finish. I was trying to listen to the audiobook solely because it is on the Romance package with Audible. But to do that I had to take longer to read it. It also didn’t help that my library couldn’t get the novel for me. Like honestly I don’t know why it was so hard but, alas, I had to just listen to the book rather than read it. And yes I know I could have just purchased it but seriously I wanted to listen to it. I paying for the Romance Package and I want to get my money’s worth now that I have finished all of Gena Showalter’s books that are available on there.

Alright, in this novel we dive right into where the last one left off, sort of. In fact it is a few months later and Logan is tired of fighting challenge after challenge for his reign as alpha of the Acadaian wolves in New Orleans. He has finally had a enough and announces that the next challenger will die. That brings the challenges to a halt and he can finally have some peace for awhile. That is until his unusual gift of foresight, that we saw in the previous book, pipes up. He keeps seeing a beautiful woman with her throat ripped out by claws. He doesn’t know her but he knows that they are connected some how. So when he sees her running from some vamps in the French Quarter he knows that something is not right and he has a need to get to the bottom of it. But the beautiful human that he meets completely throws his life for a twist and causes him to look at what he really wants not only in his life but in his reign as alpha.

Wynter is a virologist who was working to find a cure to a virus that is afflicting a hybrid in her pack. However, she is kidnapped by her so called “employers” and is forced to work on the virus with the goal to make it transferable to any supernatural. She finally escapes but the last thing she expected was being rescued by the alpha of the New Orleans pack. Her loyalties are with the New York pack and alpha even though she is not a wolf. Or at least she wasn’t a wolf. Her captures did something to her that caused her genetic makeup to change from human to wolf. She doesn’t know what to do and no matter what she is doing Logan gets mad at her. It really is a lose lose situation.

Or is it a lose lose situation? That is what you as a reader will have to find out! This novel was Hot Hot HOT! Seriously! For those of you who may have more delicate tendencies be aware that there is a ménage scene and it is fantastic. Well, I at least thought it was fantastic. When I finally got the opportunity to listen to this novel it took everything in me to stop. It was fast paced and it had so much sexual tension in it that the reader could feel it. I love the continuation of this novel off of the last novel. We have been working through characters that we have seen before and have had a chance to fall in love with. I, personally, cannot wait for Dimitri’s novel. I think it is going to be so good! He has sworn up and down that he will never find or fall for a mate but in just one book I know he will. Next up is the enigmatic Leopold. The oldest and strongest vampire probably in existence. I can’t wait to see who/what he falls for and how fast and hard it is.

—“Battle not with monsters lest you become a monster.” -Nietzsche—

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