Leopold’s Wicked Embrace by Kym Grosso

Published: April 29, 2014

Slowly but surely I’m getting through the Immortals After Dark series. This novel takes up the mantle of where Logan’s novel left off. Leopold goes up to Wyoming with Dimitri to tie up the loose ends left by Fiona and in the process finds a baby in the snow. This definitely shows a softer side to the ancient vampire which really made this novel more interesting than some of the other novels. Though all the ones I have read so far have been fantastic I think this one was the best. It did take me longer to read because I listened to it solely but I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

Leopold is one of the oldest vampires in existence and doesn’t ever plan on changing his ways. He loved once and refuses to open his heart again to any kind of pain. Though the wolves have definitely been working on getting inside his feelings. When he finds the baby Ava in the snow in Wyoming, all of his protective instincts are brought forth. But he doesn’t know what the baby is in addition to being a wolf. That is until he meets a women in New Orleans who has the same telekinetic abilities that the baby has been showing. But she makes his blood boil. Can he keep his hands off of the the unknown woman?

Laryssa is just trying to live her life and stay away from the evil that has been hunting her for her entire life. Since she was given the gift of immortality when she was a child she knows that there is evil out there hunting her and she is afraid it is after her soul. So when she meets Leopold she doesn’t know if she can trust him to not take advantage of her help. She doesn’t want to tell him what she is because he clearly doesn’t care about her or what happens to her. Or does he?

Again, Ryan West did a great job on the audiobook for this novel. After listening to this series I think he is a great choice for the narrator of these books and definitely deserves some credit for bringing these stories to life. I’m sure I would love them just as much if I were to solely read them but I like them so much more as an audio. This novel is a must read for this series and if you are just looking for a hot vampire romance with a true vampire.

—“…or a soldier. Yeah, that’s more like Leo, some medieval black ops bad ass.” -Dimitri—

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