Birthday Girl by Penelope Douglas

Published: April 17, 2018

This is the first novel I have read by Penelope Douglas and it wasn’t bad. I got it from Kindle Unlimited and though it wasn’t a fantastic book it wasn’t terrible. It just seemed kind of drawn out to me and could have be a bit more exciting. But once I realized how drawn out it would be I had to finish it. This is a taboo romance novel with the girl being 19 and the man is her boyfriend’s father.

Jordan is nineteen years old and is trying to get ahead in life. Unfortunately, her boyfriend is basically an idiot and doesn’t have one iota of gumption. He throws a party and gets them evicted from there apartment and since Jordan pretty much pays all the bills they can’t afford another one. So they end up living with the boyfriend’s father. Only his father does not look old enough to be the father of a nineteen year old and there is a chemistry there that she knows she cannot explore. But when they are left alone together more and more that chemistry will combust.

Pike knows that he can’t have the girlfriend of his son. She is not someone that is good for him but she makes his house feel like a home. He ends up spending more time with her than he does the kid he wants to get closer with. Eventually things spiral and Jordan ends up living at Pike’s house without his son. He will do anything to see her happy which causes him to be tied up in so many knots he doesn’t know which way is up anymore. Through all of this can he keep his relationship with his son and the girl?

Like I said this book wasn’t fantastic for me. It was a fine read and it was well edited I just wasn’t feeling it. It was also kind of long. I’m used to the kindle unlimited books being shorter but this one took awhile to read or maybe because I wasn’t into it the time seemed longer. Truly it wasn’t a bad novel it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

—“I missed you, so I had a few drinks on the Fourth of July and had a little tryst with the desk corner in room 108.” -Jordan to Pike—

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