The Truth About Cats and Wolves by Alethea Kontis

Published: January 24, 2017

This is the first book by Alethea Kontis that I have read even though I’ve wanted to read her for awhile. I honestly just haven’t gotten around to it and, as many of you know, I don’t read YA books and Alethea is a YA author. Anyway, this book was really good. I’ve never read the Nocturne Falls Universe stories but I loved the concept of a town that is Halloween all the time! It’s so great! But I also love Halloween and dressing up. So there is that.

Kai doesn’t have any powers or special abilities. They were supposed to manifest when she was 13 years old and at 16 years old, nothing. Her best friend, Owen (the cat) believes that she is just a late bloomer but she thinks she won’t bloom into anything. Then one day a teen wolf (if you will) causes a ruckus and she hears him quote Shakespeare in her head. They share an amazing kiss and she knows that he is meant to be in her life. Now if only she could figure out how to convince him of that.

Finn is on the run from his pack because they think he killed his best friend. Cursed by a witch to have terrible luck he goes to his cousin in Nocturne Falls for sanctuary. Only to find out that sanctuary is a myth and his cousin could return him to his pack at anytime. Not only does he need to track down the teen witch who cursed him, he basically attacked Kai in the bakery. He doesn’t know why he is so attracted to her, he just knows that he needs to stay away from her so that he can stay in her weird little town.

This book was a novella length so it didn’t take very long to read. It is the first book in the Harmswood Academy series that Alethea has written. I feel like I should warn everyone though that Kai is Greek so she has a Greek last name. I tweeted at Alethea to figure out how to pronounce it and it is pronounced like it is spelled so it shouldn’t be too difficult. I was actually doing it right in my head (wooohooo). Nevertheless, this book was definitely worth the time to read it and I can’t wait to start the other two.

—“Greek hostesses always have the dial turned to eleven.” -Kai—

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