Dimitri by Kym Grosso

Published: September 30, 2014

The next Kym Grosso book that I have finished is about the beta of Acadian Wolves who was trying to find himself in California. And it was very good. Now I thought Leopold’s book was my favorite but I think this one is. Then again that says something good about the series if each book becomes the favorite after the previous one. They just keep getting better and I’m so impatient to finish this series because the next book comes out so soon.

Dimitri has gone to California because he is having problems with his wolf not showing up as needed. He believes that something attached itself to his wolf’s spirit when he left the hell mouth that he went into to help Leopold. Because of that he feels as if he is out of options when it comes to getting his wolf back in fighting shape. When in Cali he is attacked by wolves and Gilly is the one who finds him to saves his ass from certain death. He doesn’t know what’s wrong with the beautiful woman who wants nothing to do with wolves but he feels himself drawn to her. After saving her ass from the wolves who tried to kill him but were actually after her and getting together with her brother to protect her from these wolves he knows that she is his mate. Only he doesn’t know what she is or why she is so important to an alpha who is trying to force her mating.

Gilly has spent her whole life avoiding wolves because to her a mate is the death of her tiger (yes, she is a tiger!!). When she leaves Dimitri, her brother says that he is going to help her avoid the Alpha that is trying to get her powers. Only in doing so he recruits Dimitri to be her “fake” mate even though he is her real mate. Her brother knows that Dimitri will do whatever it takes to keep Gilly safe even if it’s from herself. However, Gilly doesn’t know how Dimitri can help her when his wolf is sick and in trouble. Gilly knows that she can save Dimitri’s wolf but to do so would mean giving up her tiger. She doesn’t know if she can live without her tiger but she knows for sure that she cannot live without Dimitri. And without his wolf he will lose everything.

This novel was so good in all of its faucets. Dimitri wants his mate but he doesn’t want to endanger her or change her. So their mating can’t happen. Without his wolf he loses everything and then the deranged witch Ilsabeth could be with him. According to her at least. But everyone else believes that she can do no wrong even though the ones that have had any real experience with her know that she is not good and only pretends to be to get what she wants. There is also Gilly’s jealousy to deal with but if all of Dimitri’s conquests wouldn’t keep rubbing that in her face I think she would do a much better job at dealing with it.

This book was so fast paced that even while listening to it I had to make a point to take time to listen to it every day. I wanted to read it as well but didn’t really want to purchase the novel after getting the audiobook and unfortunately getting Kym Grosso books at the library is really hard. Even through ILL. Which is usually my saving grace. Well I know this post has been a bit longer but the book was so good. I want everyone to know. I’m close to finishing this series so I should hopefully be reading Quintus not too long after it comes out. I just hope there is never a two year hiatus again because now that I love these books I don’t think I could handle waiting so long for them.

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