Lost Embrace by Kym Grosso

Published: June 19, 2015

This novella is a continuation story of Sydney Winters and Kade Isaacson. I honestly love revisiting couples in the different series that I read. This one was no different even though it was a continuation of what happened in the previous books. And that is probably better that way so it can continue the series line but still revisit the couples. Though this was a novella it was jam packed with all kinds of relevant information for our supernaturals.

Sydney was changed into a vampire not long ago (think Leopold’s story and the fun in with the demon). Even though she loves Kade she has never wanted to be a vampire and still doesn’t. She doesn’t know what to do anymore because she is causing the donors pain with her bite and that is the last thing that she wants to do. So she takes her feeding into her own hands by going to a syphon and finds that it goes wonderfully. Because she has fed she is able to reconnect with Kade and even though she runs into his former donor conquests she knows that Kade is hers. However, the fact that he has brought donors that he slept with to their home is unacceptable to her which has actually shown Kade some of the errors of his ways. But when a serial killer escapes from prison and has vowed revenge against Sydney. He goes all the way to New Orleans to get to her but her old partner and Kade will not let him have her.

Kade doesn’t know what to do anymore. He wants Sydney not only to survive but to thrive and without being able to feed she will never be able to do that. He believes that her problems are all psychological and that if she would to feed from someone who she cared for and trusted then she wouldn’t hurt them. The answer to all of their problems comes in the form of her old partner Tony. He will do anything to help Sydney and if that means letting her feed from him then he will. Kade will do whatever it takes to help Sydney as well and to him that means sharing her with another man. Though their feeding is a success he needs to protect her from the serial killer. Though not everything is as it seems and they have an enemy unknown.

Though this novel was short it was still so good. I loved seeing how Sydney was handling her transition and I think it would have been a true loss if we hadn’t seen it. Especially knowing how she felt about being human versus being a vampire. She lost so much in becoming a vampire not the least of it being the sole person to keep her vampire alive. The novel really shows us how she feels about her new life and what she really thinks about it which is what makes for a gripping novella. This novel segues well into the next novel and I’m curious to see where Jax and Kat will go with their relationship. Also, I feel like I would be remiss in not mentioning how much of a douche Luca is to those not vampire (and even then). Like damn I wanted to slap him several times. Ugh. But here’s hoping we doing have too many douche characters in the next novel!

—No quote today. I know I’m not fun.—

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